Hi June, I'm here too!

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Hi June, I'm here too!

Yea, af arrived today!

And after the testing stress I've had from the cycle just gone, I vow to not early test this cycle. I hope. Smile

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Sorry may wasn't for you.... But as you said... Happy you're here.
As to early testing.... Really???

I have an excuse for early testing now so..... Lol

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I said the same thing! I want to wait til AF doesn't show. I bummed myself out big time last month.

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Hi Angela, Sorry the witch found you. But I too am glad to have you here. I hope we all get to stay here together. Biggrin

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Sorry you are here too!! Testing early stresses me too. I don't know why I can't just wait until AF is late but I can't!

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sorry your here... i never test early after 17 cycles i just watch my temp drop its just as sad as poas lol

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Why must we torture ourselves so with early testing? Because it's so damn fun to pee on things...

Welcome to June!