Hi! Newbie for June

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Hi! Newbie for June

Hey all! I don't know why I didn't think to come over here earlier. I ovulated late last week (temp and opk have slightly conflicting info, but I DTD PLENTY just in case).

If all goes well I'm have a Due Date of 6/13/13!

This is my first 2WW Smile

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Welcome, I hope all goes as well as you are hoping for!

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Welcome and good luck! I'm still waiting to O (Ignore my signature I gotta cold and it messed up my temps). Hope you get a BFP!!

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Welcome and Good Luck!

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Hi and welcome! your chart looks great - good timing!!

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Welcome! Hope you get to make June a permanent home!

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"Anngie60" wrote:

Hi and welcome! your chart looks great - good timing!!

Hopefully 6 out of 7 days was good timing. Let's just say I'm good on DTD for a bit....

Hubs was thrilled.

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Good Luck! I would have the same due date.

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I would also have the same due date! Smile

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Welcome Eileen! Looks like you did DTD lots! I hope you caught the eggie! My daughter is the same age as yours. This is our 3rd cycle TTC #2. Smile

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Good luck this month! Your chart looks great Smile

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Welcome to June, hope you have a speedy 2WW. :goodluck:

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Welcome and good luck!!!