Hicups anyone?

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Hicups anyone?

Wow, I can't believe I'm already feeling them. I don't remember when they started with my first two, but I know with my last 3 they started (or at least I couldn't feel them) until much later. I've been sitting here feeling them for the last couple minutes. I felt them a couple days ago too. Anyone else feeling them?

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I am! abt a week now

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never felt hiccups not even with DS so it will be nice to feel it this time

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My girls throw their arms up when they hiccup so it's VERY noticable

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I haven't noticed with this one yet but with DD I noticed it a lot. I even videoed them once with the doppler on I think. So cute!

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I've felt them for about 3 weeks now.. they feel so cool and weird at the same time LOL

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Not yet. I don't even remember when I started feeling them with the previous two.

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Not yet here either. I also don't remember when I felt them for the other two. I think it was much later though.

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I thought baby maybe had them last night so either they were short lived or he moved so I couldn't feel them anymore.

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I'm still waiting to feel baby at all, lol.

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None here. I also don't remember having them until much later in previous pregs. I've only felt a few movements so far and not often at all.