Holiday Giggle

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Holiday Giggle

K and I put up some Christmas wall stickers tonight. Of course she insisted on doing it all herself. So she stuck the huge santa sticker right over the wall socket. Obviously. There's all that bare wall, but why use it? LOL

Then she went to stick the candy canes and candies on...and it was rather comical. I think she was matching them up with those in the pocket already...but it looks a little naughty! Blum 3

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Awww, cute!!

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That's great!!!! Smile

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love it!

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So cute how kids do things! And yes, I agree he looks naughty! lol

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Cute! My kids love to help me decorate too. I think we only broke 3 ornaments!

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The funny thing is I've left this up on the wall of the formal living room. We don't entertain a lot...but I hope MIL notices if she comes over. Blum 3