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We got home yesterday and I'm glad night one is done. I know it's the hardest and I'm just exhausted,ema kept elora up all night too. I will type up the birth story ASAP, right now I'm a milk machine and sleeping beauty. Ahhhh I thought I knew what to expect but with everything that's going on its soooo different.

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Welcome home! Way to go new mama!

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Glad youre home...yeah, it's not the same with the second. I had an easier time overall with DS2 due to no NICU stay but there were still plenty of challenges. I had to totally relearn how to sooth an infant and his personality and preferences were so different than big brother. The things that worked with DS1 were a no go with DS2. And of course trying to balance caring for the new baby while still being mommy to older child too. It's a balancing act but you will figure it out as things go. Please feel free to vent here about any issue you're having. We may be able to offer advice but can certainly just listen and offer support. Smile

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Welcome home!
Hope night two goes more smoothly.

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Woohoo to surviving night one and lots of PT's that night two and on go much smoother! I promise the older ones get used to the baby waking up at night and soon it doesn't bother them! *hugs*

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Welcome home! Sorry about your rough night. It'll get better.

The second kid is always such a challenge because you think you know what you're doing but every baby is so different that you end up realizing you know nothing at all. It's starting over every time. Hang in there, it'll get easier!

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glad to hear your home.. hopefully the challenges of a newborn goes smoothly and your transition well

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Glad yall are home! I hope that it is already getting easier for you. Hang in there!