hoping to catch the end of June (loss ment)

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hoping to catch the end of June (loss ment)

Hi, all
I figure I'll do a real introduction. I've been hanging out here, but didn't know if I'd get a chance to join in. I was a member of the March 2013 board, but unfortunately things didn't work out and I had a D&C a month ago. Happily, this morning AF showed so we're now really allowed to TTC! We've always gotten pregnant on the first or second try in the past, so I'm feeling pretty hopeful. If I'm lucky I'll O around the end of Sept or beginning or Oct for a late June EDD.

Oh, and I have 3 boys under 5 and am still BFing the youngest (16 months).

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Sorry for your loss.
And huge good luck for this cycle!!!!!

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Sorry for your loss. Good luck and welcome!

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Welcome and I hope this will be your month!!

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So sorry for your loss! I lost one at 13 weeks between DD1 and DS. It is so hard. Good luck this month!!

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Good luck this month!

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Hi and welcome to June!

So sorry for your loss, hope this month brings you a nice bfp Smile

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I'm so sorry for your loss Sad But good luck this month!

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Sorry for your loss, and I hope this is the cycle for you!

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Sorry for your loss, but good luck this cycle!

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Sorry for your loss. Wishing you lots of luck this cycle.

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I'm sorry to hear about your loss. *hugs*

I have to say I'm a little envious of your 'always getting pregnant the first month or two' thing. SO jealous! I hope you get to stay in June then! Smile

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Sorry about your loss! I hope June is it!