How active are you?

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How active are you?

How much exercise are you ladies getting? I am not a lover of exercise, and usually while pregnant the only workout that I get is mopping the floor. (Seriously though, mopping the floor is some serious cardio when 7 months pregnant!)

How active are you ladies being these days? Today the weather was nice so I walked with DS2 in the stroller and DS1 riding his bike beside me to pick up DD from school (15 minutes each way). By the time we were 5 minutes from home, I was pretty exhausted and getting crampy. I also had gone to an OB appt earlier and walked around Walmart for about 20 minutes too.

Now I am dreading having to get the kitchen cleaned up tonight......sigh.

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I actually find walking quite a bit more exhausting than working out lol. I take DD to the park, or sometimes for walks. Now that the weather is turning nice, she just wants to be outside all the time. And then I also go to the gym about 2x/week. I wish I could get in extra ones at home - but I just don't have the motivation at night the same like if I can go to the gym. Tonight I worked on my snatch between 55-77lbs, and then did 55 pullups, 110 pushups and 165 squats. I stopped a bit early cause I knew I was at my limit. The lifting I actually find quite enjoyable, and surprisingly not so tiring! The other stuff I get tired, and my heart rate just goes beserk so fast!

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Mopping my floor is a workout too! I have this stupid HUGE mop for wood floors and it's like raking cement.

ANYWAY...I'm generally pretty active but am starting to slow down and skip workouts lately because I'm just so tired. My goal is to do a P90X (modified of course) 1-2 times a week and cardio (jogging or riding my stationary bike) 2-3 days a week. I am just trying to maintain as much of my fitness level as humanly possible during this pregnancy because I was in such good shape when I got my BFP. I'll have a lot of work to do but it won't be nearly as bad if I have put in effort during the pregnancy IMO. And for whatever reason, I find my RLP has finally quit bugging me with long walks so that helps a lot.

ETA: BTW, don't picture me as a high energy 80's aerobics instructor bopping around my house all day. Honestly, I spend more and more time sitting these days because my energy level sucks so bad.

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Pre-pregnancy we were always at the gym. I love a good workout.

Now I have basically put myself on self-imposed bed rest for about 20 hours a day. When I even walk a little, I get Braxton hicks and if I don't stop and sit immediately they start to go from annoying to painful. We went on a field trip today that required much walking (I went not knowing this!) and I was in a lot of pain. But as soon as I sit down and drink something, I'm fine do I'm no terribly worried but I'm also not hitting the gym just to be safe.

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Lol, I don't get any. I do plan on getting back into shape after emalyn is here. As for moping, I love it because I have been completely in love with my mop for 2 years :p.

Here it is, such a great mop, and I just got two more pads for it so I can keep one for the bathrooms only and always have one clean Smile

Reveal Spray Mop | Spray Mopping | Mops | Microfiber | Rubbermaid

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Yeah, I am not big on the active while pregnant thing, I think the anemia has me even worse than last time. Also, paired with this NEVER ENDING WINTER (it actually snowed a little yesterday which is almost unheard of this late in our area), I just haven't wanted to do anything. But I have been trying to move around more since the midwife said something about it. Took DS and his cousin to the park today, and I probably looked like a loon, as I walked around (and around and around) the maybe ten foot circular path around the tree right next to the play set for about a half hour.

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I was working out in the beginning and then I had that hemmorrage from the SCH and wasn't allowed to. I was cleared about 10 weeks ago and not doing anything for 10 weeks prior took its toll.

I take the stairs at work (2 flights) a few times a day, takes me sooooo long now though, lol!
The mall is by my office, so I walk the mall for about 30 minutes 4 days a week. By the end though my belly cramps a little on the sides.
I try to do some dancing on the wii fit 1-2 times a week and some toning 1-2 days a week, but only for 10 minutes or so on the toning.

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I am not terribly active. I swore this pregnancy I was going to walk daily etc. BUT Baby is so low he constantly feels like he could fall out at any point (esp when the pressure is there too!) and just walking around walmart makes me have braxton hicks. AFter being checked for preterm labor earlier in the pregnancy I have avoided as much as I can. I get my exercise walking around the school and chasing after DS at home. That's about it. They are already taking bets on how early I will be at work... and I dont want to do anything that might add to the chances!

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I don't really exercise, even though I intended to at the beginning! That being said, I rarely sit down. So I guess I am active jut not in the exercise way of things!

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Exercise? What's that? Blum 3 I did in the beginning and I got lazy. But before I got pregnant, running was my number one source of exercise! That and elliptical, P90X and 30 Day Shred. But DH and I ran more than anything. I can't wait to get back to it Smile