How many children do you want in total?
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Thread: How many children do you want in total?

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    Default How many children do you want in total?

    What number baby are you pregnant with and how many more do you want?

    This is my 4th and I'd like 6 or 8 in total. We have suffered a few losses though (3 between #1 and #2 and 2 between #2 and #3) and I'm now 30 so I don't know if we'll have as many as we'd like.
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    This is baby #4 and it will be our last. We've always said we'd have 4, and I think that is all my sanity will handle!

    But I am only 27 (and super fertile LOL) so who knows. I do plan on being serious about BC after this baby, because we're sure that we're done. Who knows, if I get baby fever again 5 years from now we might add another but I doubt it. When this baby is born we will have 4 kids under the age of 6....which will be PLENTY of work for me for many years!
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    We're planning on this baby being our last. We really struggles whether to stay at two or have one more so I don't see a #4 happening.
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    This is baby 2 for us, but DH has a biological daughter already and he is 'dad' to her older half sister (yup confusing). The older one is 18 and at university now so not really a factor. My DSD is 15 but has a genetic condition making her forever 1.5 years mentally...she'll never grow up.

    Years ago I thought I wanted 3 kids. Now that I have DD and the prospect of DSD being a child forever, I'm thinking this will be our last.

    I'm 37 and had my first at I think you have time for more!
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    After two losses, this is #1 for DH and I. I never wanted kids before I met DH, but he did and when I met him, I knew I wanted to have kids with him as well. He wants 2 total, but I'm on the fence. One, this pregnancy morning sickness crap SUCKS and it makes me feel miserable and I'm 27 weeks pregnant!! I know every pregnancy is different, but just thinking about how many people have bent over backwards (my boss included) makes me think we're going to wait a couple years before trying again. However, I do want to have a little boy too, so...we may have to try more than once for him. So I dunno what's going to happen.
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    This is our first and for a long time, I only wanted one. I am 31 and DH is 36. He has always want two and is slowly convincing me. Trouble is, he wants them really close together. Eek!
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    This is #4 and will be my last for sure. 100%.
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    This is my second and i want 7... DH wants 4. I will be happy with whatever is meant for us as this has been a complicated pregnancy thus far. But i dont want to think of it as my last time being pregnant either. i love being pregnant...
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    This is number 2 for us. Right now we're not sure. We're thinking we're done after this, mostly since the pregnancies seem to really take it out of us. I'm feeling better, but the last 10 weeks have been pretty miserable, and really hellish for DH. And with DD I was sick the entire time. We won't do anything permanent, but we're still thinking this is it for us. It sucks since I think we're good parents - and we have an awesome DD. But I also like being able to be with her!
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    This is number three and likely the last. We won't be doing anything permanent for now though. I will probably go back on mirena.

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