How is it possible to pee this much???

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How is it possible to pee this much???

I swear I am peeing 10x more than I am drinking. I would say I'm lucky to get 50 ounces of fluids all day. And yet I swear I'm peeing Niagra Falls every 20-30 minutes. Where does it come from???? I can't even sleep at night because as soon as I get comfortable, I have to pee again! I don't remember this with the other two.

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I'm right there with u. But now my feet and legs aren't as swollen! I know where mine is coming from!

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I've been really concentrating on staying hydrated by pulling out my big 30 oz water jug I got at the hospital with my first baby and I swear I pee 2x an hour now. It's pretty annoying but I guess peeing a lot is better than not at all right?

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Very true. I had trouble going until about a month ago. I was dehydrated enough that almost nothing made it back out. This is probably a lot healthier!

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Was jut talking about this with my mom this morning, but in the opposite way.

I drink a ton during the day, pee frequently but very little amounts. I seem to make up for it during the night though. Swelling is here by the end of the day, but back to normal inthe morning, so that might be where it is going.