Howdy :)

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Howdy :)

I have been gone for over 2 weeks so I'm popping back to say "HOWDY!"

We spent a few weeks at my IL's lakehouse and had a marvelous time Smile Ethan HATES the car so the 8 hour drive each way was not very fun, but I just sit in the back with the kids and manage to keep him a little happier. He's two months old! It's so crazy to believe. He is changing so much and really growing! I have to book his 2 month appt still, I have no idea how big he is now. But he is finally growing out of the NB size clothing and into the 0-3 month stuff, so yay for that!

Here are a few recent pictures of my little squish.

I have been dairy free for about 3 weeks now. It is hard and I slip up sometimes but I believe it has made a difference with Ethan and his gassiness. I plan to keep it up for a few months and maybe see if his stomach matures enough to handle the dairy in November or so.

He is smiling lots and starting to "talk" to us too. He's still sleeping the best during the day in a wrap on my chest, but at night he usually gets into a deeper sleep and sleeps well on his own for at least a few hours.

On a crappy side note, my 20 month old who used to have AMAZING sleep habits now is completely ruined. The trip and messing with his sleeping habits totally changed him and now he screams every time we put him down to bed and nap. He used to say "nigh-nigh" and happily lie in bed until he fell asleep, every single day. Now it is a major battle. Ugh. Also, he's started kicking his feet and throwing a fit when you pick him up - he learned that from his cousin this month. Crap. I hate that he is all of a sudden a nightmare to deal with. Hello terrible two's.

Hope everyone is doing well!!!!!!

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Such great pictures, he is a cutie! I love the pic of him snuggled down in the wrap.
Sorry about your other little guy's sleep habits. My older two spent almost a week with grandma and grandpa when H was born and he is still struggling to get back into a good sleep routine. :doh:

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So cute. Sleep with dd1 is still a struggle here too. She climbed out of her crib twice now, once while I was asleep! Hope he relearned quickly