H's "2 week" Appointment

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H's "2 week" Appointment

H had his 2 week appointment today even though he's closer to 3 weeks. He definitely has the genes my DD has, he's a peanut! 7 lbs 5 oz and about 20" (he wasn't cooperating on stretching out so we didn't fight him too much to get length). So funny compared to my much bigger DS1 who was like 60% and 80% for weight & height at this point. His doc said he looks perfect, just small in every way. She did say I need to keep waking him up minimum once a night to BF since he's barely past birth weight (7 lbs 3 oz); that was a little surprising since he eats quite often. Kind of stinks - not that I think he'd sleep all night anyway but just knowing that I can't let him sleep if he wants to...oh well, this too shall pass! My DD was a slow gainer too so I've been down this path before. Hopefully he'll pick up speed once he gets a bit older so we don't have to stress it. Anyway, good appointment overall and he won't need to go back until 2 months.

Here are a few recent pics for fun...

He likes to wrinkle his forehead when he's looking around - LOL

Milk drunk :drunk:

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It's nice that your DD was the same so you don't spend time worrying like you might had it not happened before. Cute pics, I love milk coma faces!!

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Yay for a great appointment!

Cute pics! J likes to wrinkle up his forehead too, it makes him look like an old man I think Smile

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Wow, he is a peanut! 7-5 and 20" were Tori's birth stats at 37 weeks! I totally envy you. Mine are always back-breaksrs they are so big. He's an adorable peanut, that's for sure!

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Such a cute peanut!! And like you said, nothing to worry about. My dd was like that too. Her doctor didnt like that she was always so skinny but some babies are like that.

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UGH! My DD was a slow gainer and it sucked. They made me wake her too. They wanted me to wake her like every 2-3 hours in the night but I'm pretty sure I didn't do that very much. LOL. Joke's on them because she's just a small kid. She was 16 lbs at 1 year and at 3.25 years she's 26 lbs.

Glad the appt was good overall, I hope he starts gaining and they leave you alone.