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can i just say i hate being hungry... i feel like im never full. I either have no desire in eating what im eating or im starving still after im done. I had 2 peanut butter and jelly crustables and 2 packs of croutons and im still dam hungry. I was the same way with DS but at this point i had already gained 4 pounds and so far i have gained nothing but feel extremely bloated

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Ditto. Nothing sounds good and I'm starving all the time. I feel like my stomach has become a bottomless pit! I've already put on 1-2 pounds because I do NOT eat like this normally. Oh well :shrug:

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Yes!!!!! I so agree with you guys! It's terrible. I at a McDouble and large fries yesterday for lunch and I felt starving after I was done!! I always put on about 15 pounds in the first trimester, so this is no surprise to me, but I seriously hate it so much. Just imagine how much I have to eat each day to be nursing 2 kids and still put on 15 pounds in the first trimester?!?! Ugh, nothing sounds good, I feel nauseous, and yet at the same time I'm starving!

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oh and i feel like i have so much saliva, like im constantly swallowing what the hell

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"angelover02740" wrote:

oh and i feel like i have so much saliva, like im constantly swallowing what the hell

Try sucking on a hard candy - that helps. I find if I let the saliva build up too much, I feel more sick.

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Love those PBJ Crustables! So yummy!

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I'm hungry, then I'm sick. *sigh*

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I am either really hungry, or I don't want anything to do with food! And it swings back and forth with no warning. DH was griping at me about not eating, I told him that he just doesn't see me eat! I haven't had much of an appetite the past few days. My weight had gone up and down a pound or two, but yesterday my weight was the same as when I got pregnant, yay!

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I can't believe how much you ladies can eat. If I over fill my stomach I feel just as bad as if I let it get empty. I need to snack snack snack!

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I'm the same as Mel, if I eat I get sick. But if I don't eat I get sicker....

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I've found I need to eat frequently, small meals and then snacks in between.

The extra saliva thing can be a pregnancy symptom I think. I remember there was a girl on 16 and pregnant who carried around a cup to spit in all the time b/c she had so much saliva and constantly swallowing it made her nauseous. Weird!

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I'm always hungry, and need to eat so I don't feel nauseous, but I'm at the point where most of the time I couldnt' care less about food. I feel like I'm out of ideas of what to eat, and I just want waffles and anything else that I can douse in maple syrup - yum... french toast sounds good. I'm not worried about weight at all. I lost 6 during my first trimester with my first. I haven't lost now, but I'm nowhere near as sick - so that's WONDERFUL. And I'm nursing, and if I can get some energy back, I'll be back in the gym. But ya, this mama needs a lot of food!