I feel silly because this is baby number two but........

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I feel silly because this is baby number two but........

What are the signs that labor is comign soon??? I was induced with DS and had a horrible migraine so it is all a blur. I feel like I should know but at the same time being induced made it different? I've been getting the contractions more often..and yesterday (TMI) I started getting diarreah which continued into today. I have been completely the opposite for quite some time.....so it's random that now all of a sudden Im not. Im exhausted and all of a sudden can't sleep either. I have started lining up my plans for the rest of the year but I haven't figured out how the heck to get the room straight OR get everything paperwork wise done that has to be done . EEEK!

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I understand! I was induced with #1 because I was so violently ill. So with #2 I had no idea what to expect.

Right before going into labor, my hips began to feel like they would crack in half. I tried seeing the chiro but it actually made it worse. Otherwise, I was extra emotional. I can't remember anything else.

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i know what your saying im getting braxton hicks at least 8xs a day and sometimes more. and i swear i thought i was leaking amniotic fluid but my dr reassured me today that im not and i would have wet underwear all the time and it would drip down my leg so i guess that eased my fears.

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I've had more BHs the last couple days too.

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Sometimes diarrhea and nausea/vomiting is a sign - but usually if you have that as a labor sign it will happen soon after (like the next day or so since you are emptying out your system in preparation). But then again everybody is different, and therefore you also never really know! That's the beauty of labor. I had contractions with my first daily for an hour or two which would then go away for a couple weeks before she came. So that is also neither here nor there. You can look for your mucous plug - but that can also indicate immediacy or days/weeks and it's apparently harder to notice with the second/more.

Sucks that everything can mean something or nothing!!! Just try to really tune in and connect with your body and your baby, and hopefully you will just have that intuition since everything else (short of really intense contractions and clear water breaking) is give or take!

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I have been feeling to same way as you the past few days. I hve had diaherrra and today I feel pukey. I can feel things changing in my body, it is hard to really describe though. I don't remember feeling this way before, but I may just be forgetting?

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It's been a little different every time for me. With my first I never had a single contraction until labor started. With my 3rd and 4th I had been having contractions for weeks before labor started. For me, when the contractions are strong enough that I can no longer walk or talk through them, then it's the real thing.

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Every time has been different with me, so I am no better off! With DD, my water broke. DEFINITELY. I gushed through like, 3 pads and 2 pairs of pants. There was NO DOUBT. I kind of miss that certainty!
With DS1, contractions started around midnight, and quickly went from 10 minutes apart to 6 minutes apart, consistently. Also I was 10 days overdue so I was sure it was finally time! With DS2 I was 11 days overdue and had to be induced.

I didn't have diarrhea or nausea with any of them at any time, but everyone is different! I know lots of people say their body does "clear out" right before labour begins.

I wish we knew exactly what everything meant!

Last night I had some dreadfully painful contractions/movements. My whole stomach and my lower back were just throbbing and aching on and off for about 15 minutes. I had to have my 6 year old do the vacuuming! I have never been one to have any pains or contractions before actual labour starts, so it freaked me out.

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I'm no help either and am curious too.

With DS my water broke with no pre-labor signs and I actually never started having contraction until the pitocin was given. The only thing was that I remember the day or two before feeling like I was walking wider (as if my hips had stretched out). Not sure that was a sign though.

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Oh, and the timing of contractions has never really been an indicator for me either. I'm one of those weird people who can crank out contractions that are 3 minutes apart for 2 hours straight and NOT have it be labor!! So, for me, it's the strength of the contractions that let me know. Also, I typically do have small bouts of "clearing out my system" in the last month on and off before labor, but it seems to happen a few different times, so that's not an indicator for me either.

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I had a day f bad contractions 3 days b4 my water broke. I didn't clear out till after my water broke tho.

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