I finally did it :-)

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I finally did it :-)

So remember the post from a few weeks back when I was dying for Chinese?? I finally called and ordered some for dinner tonight!! I decided I was going to take a break from cooking because I worked yesterday and I'm working a twelve again tomorrow. Then we have a busy weekend with wedding on Sat and a play on Sun. I'm soon excited and can't wait for it to get here! Wink

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I totally ordered it a few weeks ago when we had that convo. I haven't had it since. ME WANT CHINESE!

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Not a fan of Chinese, but I know what it's like to be craving something really bad. When you get it, all is right in the world!

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I love Chinese. The perfect combo of sweet and spicy (depending on what you get obviously) that is especially delicious when I'm pregoo. Jealous...that sounds so good! You enjoy!

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I love it too! Ummmmm noodles!!! Enjoy some for me too!

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Thanks girls! It was totally awesome. Fried dumplings and veggie Lo Mein. Yummmm!! Def makes a pregnant girl's belly happy!! Wink

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Yay for satisfied cravings!!

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i have been craving Chinese since I was in the hospital for my surgery. DH hates any ethnic food and there isn't a delivery place that comes out this far Sad I haven't had any in about a year now.

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I'd tell DH to make himself a friggin' sandwich...I'm having Chinese food! That being said, lots of the Chinese places here have burgers and stuff too, you just have to ask. My Step Sister always got a plain burger and fries because she didn't like Chinese food.

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"Heatherbella" wrote:

I'd tell DH to make himself a friggin' sandwich...I'm having Chinese food! .


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::lurker:: I don't really like Chinese and I'm not even having a rational reason for cravings but this post made me order some for lunch yesterday afternoon! It's DH's favorite so he was all about it Dirol