I forget how "fun"...

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I forget how "fun"...

...it is when your milk comes in. Gotta love huge sore breasts. That is all.

Any tips ladies (aside from feeding on demand which I'm already doing)?

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Not much advice, but I feel ya! I'm on day 3 of engorgement, but it's regulating down now. Massage breasts, hot shower?

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Oh man, I'm dreading that! Just when you can sleep in your stomach again, your boobs turn to rocks and once again you can't. I honestly don't remember what I did about the pain. Hot showers maybe?

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Stay on top of Motrin for afterbirth pains and engorgement. It helps with both. Take it religiously around the clock for 2 weeks straight. By then the cramping and engorgement will be gone. There are also these little gel pad things called "soothies" I think? You stick them on your breast and they have a cooling affect that feels good. I used those with my second and they were really nice.

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I've never managed to figure out any great solution. I know it's no fun though. Another one of those "this too shall pass" things :bighug:

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I don't have any advice really. I tried the hot shower the first few days, and it didn't really do anything to help. All I really do is pump and nurse to relieve the pressure, Jonah is good about nursing both sides, so that is temporary relief! The last few days the pressure and hardness have been a little less, so I am glad about that.

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Not there yet. But probably will be tomorrow. But I remember taking Motrin and alternating with Tylenol and that working rather well. Hope you get some relief soon.