I got a call from my OB office!

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I got a call from my OB office!

It is official! I am pregnant!!!! Yahoo My OB has me come in a soon as I get a positive home pregnancy test to get blood drawn since my first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. I got my results this morning and my BETA is 108 (which is around where is should be at 4wks) and my progesterone level is at 15.2 (they want it to be >10)!

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So exciting! HH9M to you!

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Awesome! Congrats Smile

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Congratulations!!! HH9M

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that is awesome news Yahoo congrats!!!

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Yay!!!! So happy for you hun! HH9M:)

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Yay!!!! HH9M!! Congrats!!

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Great news! Congrats! I'm so happy for you!

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Those are great numbers! So pleased!