I had an appt today too.

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I had an appt today too.

Most stressful part of the appointment? That DH left me no gas, and all of a sudden as I turn onto a highway that passes by basically farmland and no gas stations for more than 20km (13mi) my gas light is on. And I can't check my "info" on my gps to see how much farther I can go since it decided today was a good day to make us put in the security code which I couldn't find while I was driving since that's just dangerous! Showed up ten minutes late since I wanted to get gas before I went in since otherwise I was worried my car wouldn't start again if I didn't.

Turned out the 10 minutes late was perfect since I still had time to go pee on my glu/pro stick before she was ready for me, and then I didn't have to wait at all.

Met a new midwife today, which is fine since 2 attend the birth, and you don't really know who will be on call. Asked about my crazy itchy skin, which they really have no ideas for other than what I'm already doing (mint tea all over my body). She said the real thing to make sure is that it's not cholestasis, but that would have me itchy on my hands and feet which are the only parts of me that are NOT itchy - so I opted out of a blood test. Especially since the standard of care for it is so different. At one hospital they induce at 37 weeks for it, and the other 40. Well that's just weird and means that really there is no real knowledge behind it. Anyways, I don't have it since my symptoms are basically the opposite of it.

I feel like every time I go it's to opt out of another test lol. Today was GBS and prophylactic oxytocin shot after birth. Seriously, I know that hemorrhaging is an issue - but if I'm bleeding that bad, they'd give it to me. So again, I don't see the point. Baby's doing great, hb at 130 and good bp. I go back in 2 weeks to get checked before my trip!

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Sounds like a pretty uneventful appointment overall. Sorry about your itching...I can only imagine how uncomfortable that is. Sad

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I hate being low on gas and it always seems like it's when you are in a hurry to get somewhere. Glad being late worked out for you though! That's great you got to meet another midwife - I'd feel so much more comfortable having at least met people attending my birth vs not.

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Sorry about the low gas and the itching. My sister had severe itching with her pregnancies and just took alot of baths and lotioned a lot. I only get it mildly every few days this time vs with dd i was using oatmeal body wash twice a day or so. I'm glad baby is doing well and glad u had no wait too, score!

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Ugh on the gas thing. Hubby doesn't like me pumping gas when I'm pregnant and I HATE driving with the gas light on. I always give him heck when he leaves it empty.

I hear you about opting out of things. That's one of the benefits of having a midwife, but sometimes it gets annoying having so many choices. When they asked us what we want done to the baby once it's born, we just said to do the same as we did with DD. We did all the research then. Blum 3

I hope the itching eases up. I had that more last pregnancy...and it was annoying for sure!