I know every pregnancy is different but THIS different!

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I know every pregnancy is different but THIS different!

Hello ladies, for all you mommies that have more then one precious baby my question is....how different was each of your pregnancies? I'm having a time over here and so not use to it. Alexandria pregnancy was a breeze, especially the beginning, if it was not for my growing belly I would have forgot I was pregnant. I mean towards the end my hips was crazy sore and my back was nuts. But I had no sickness, no nothing. THIS TIME...OMG..nothing seem to help. I'm dizzy, sick all the time, back killing me, boobs hurt and itchy. Now I am by no means complaining cause I'm truly happy and excited but good grief is this different. What are you ladies experiencing?

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This is my third. All of mine have been pretty easy pregnancies. This one has been the worst, but not awful. They do say every one is different though!

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I've heard some people say they were only sick when they had a certain gender...so maybe you are getting a boy!

But really, every pregnancy can be really different. All of mine have been relatively easy/no complications, but each one seems to get a little bit more exhausting LOL....whether or not that's the pregnancy or the fact that I have one more kid to look after during it is the question!

And my symptoms are a bit different this time - I have NO breast tenderness, which I had constantly with all my other pregnancies.

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My 1st pregnancy was somewhat easy... as easy as a pregnancy can be, lol. 2nd one was really rough. Was just as sick in the beginning but had sciatica and got sick alot with colds/flu. This one I was really sick too, and isn't looking much easier. I get dizzy alot to and it's hard to function all day. I also think the older we get the harder it is on your body.

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Mine all are "somewhat similar." My first 2 had relatively no morning sickness. My last 4 have been pretty bad as far as morning sickness. I was EXTREMELY tired with my first, but only moderately with every pregnancy after that. Every other aspect of my pregnancies after the first trimester has been virtually the same. I have had just a touch more pelvic pain with my later pregnancies, but that's to be expected!

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Thanks ladies for all your responses....I never thought too it could be my age as well. I'm 35 and will be 36 in June. I just feel drained and tired and so sick. When I tell my family how I am feeling they quick to say it's a boy but I know every pregnancy is different. DH swear it's a girl...lol. Either way I'm happy and have our names (Ava/Roman). But it's truly a task to get up every day, soon I open my eyes and put one foot out the bed I get sick and dizzy. I do my best cause Alex is so busy and seem to want me more then ever these last couple days. Hoping the 2nd trimester brings a little relief.

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As for the gender thing, my one boy pregnancy was just like the 2 pregnancies before it (girls!!).

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my first was super rough in the first tri. sick all day every day. this one . not so much. starving, exhausted more than last time and trouble sleeping.

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I was wondering the same thing. Minus the constipation my first pregnancy was smooth sailing.

This one I have morning sickness, exhaustion, tummy aches and back pain just started.

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I hope you get some relief soon! My two pregnancies have been pretty similar so far. I had more nausea this time, but still not terrible. I know all pregnancies can be drastically different from each other.

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Mine is the opposite...this one is easier. I was dreading the worse actually because I had it pretty good with DD. The things I had with DD that I've yet to have this time is: cramping, extreme sleepiness, inability to drink coffee, constipation. I've been a bit more tired, but nothing like with DD. Also, I haven't had to cut out coffee! Last pg I cut it out for most of the first tri. It's very odd...but it has been better this time.

SN - my friend IRL who is pg right now also is having a TERRIBLE go of it. With her son, she was never sick. Now this time she's throwing up so much. I think it's a girl. Blum 3

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This is my third baby. The first, my DD was the worst with the morning sickness by far. I was sick for 9 months with her. DS and my #2, I mostly had dry heaves with but that was just the first tri. This one I also have the dry heaves but I am way more exhausted than either of my first two pregnancies. I can barely keep my eyes open during the day. It's awful!!

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Mine have gotten progressively easier. I'm still sicker than average but my first I was in and out of the hospital. My second was not quite bad enough to be hospitalized, but miserable. This time I am so nauseous and dizzy but only threw up once.

I am far less tired. I think that's because my thyroid issues weren't diagnosed yet with the last two. I'm frustrated because I have energy but I am too dizzy to do anything!

Also this time, I have this weird hormonal don't-mess-with-me thing going on that is so far from my real personality it's not even funny. That's never happened before.

Yup, every time is different!

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this one is def different. with Ds i had no m/s what so ever I did have tons of heartburn later on in my pregnancy and horrible sciatic pain and back ache this time around i just feel totally lousy no m/s but just very sour to my stomach not liking it much and hope it goes away soon. my left hip is starting to bother me since yesterday so im hoping it isnt starting

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My first one was pretty bad. I was sick & exhausted for the whole nine months. I had to cut back on work and I could barely get out of bed most days. It eased up a bit in the 24+ weeks range, but I was still puking till the last day. This time around, I'm puking less and keeping more food down. But I'm still soooo tired. And everything feels like an exertion. I'm hoping though that this time around it will only be the first tri, and that I'll get energy back in a week or two! (or less fingers crossed). Sorry you're not feeling well. And I hope everyone gets some relief soon (well for those that need it).

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"PCCGirl813" wrote:

Also this time, I have this weird hormonal don't-mess-with-me thing going on that is so far from my real personality it's not even funny. That's never happened before.

OMG I so hear ya on this! I'm over analyzing everything now and thinking people are mad at me when they don't reply to my posts on FB. LOL. I'm pretty sure it's all in my head. Blum 3