I need something to hold my eyelids up

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I need something to hold my eyelids up

Seriously! I need someone to invent a contraption for eyelids because I am one step away from taping them open.

I'm not physically tired, but between the lack of sleep (which is not resolving for the next year more than likely) and the glare from the lights overhead and my computer, my eyes are shutting on themselves.

I keep getting up to walk around, but it helps for only the time I am walking, lol!

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I hear ya sister. DS2 was up at 5:40 am this morning. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?

Yesterday I was late picking up DD from Kindergarten because I fell asleep on the couch in the middle of the afternoon.

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I am hitting that wall too lately and I'm getting plenty of sleep at night. Goodbye second trimester energy boost I guess! I seriously have considered taking a nap on more than one occasion while the kids napped this week, but I don't nap EVER or I can't sleep at night so I talk myself out of it. :sleep: Sounds pretty nice right now though!

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I woke up at 10 today. And have taken two hour long naps since then. I am just beat. I also threw up all day yesterday and then went to the chiro for neck pain so maybe I'm wiped out from all of that. But seriously. Exhausted today.