I think I killed Elmo ;/

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I think I killed Elmo ;/

Last night my MIL came over and DS wanted her to put him to bed. He is quite fond of his tickly me elmo and wanted to show nana, but it was downstairs.

We have one of those open balconies that looks over the family room, so I threw it up there for nana to catch. Well, my throw sucked and elmo came crashing to the floor, but he still looked fine. We got Elmos to DS and he keeps saying "Elmo is sick, he is not shaking" "What's wrong with Elmo mommy?"

So elmo still laughs, but when he goes to shake he makes this horrible gurgling noise. ROFL

I can't help but laugh. I told DS that I would send Elmo to Doc Mcstuffins to get fixed. Guess I need to go get a new Elmo this week.

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O no. So glad dd's Elmo is stuffed with no moving parts. Blum 3

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Grandson's Elmo is a favorite hat!

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Bah ha ha!

DS2 got the LOL Elmo for his birthday....he loves that thing!

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HA HA, that's really funny! I'd almost be happy it was broken and not replace it. LOL We've avoided those talking elmo dolls thus far...but we do have a duck that quacks and waves it's wings.

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LOL my DD went through a short Elmo phase when she was 2 although she has NEVER seen him on TV :?: I don't get what is so appealing about Elmo to kids but I swear most of them love him. Personally, I can't stand him so we avoid Sesame Street like the plague at my house Wink

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Elmo killer!!! Lol!