I think I'm leaving... (m/c mentioned)

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I think I'm leaving... (m/c mentioned)

Hi ladies,
Pretty sure I'm in the beginnings of a miscarriage. I started spotting yesterday morning, and today the bleeding has picked up pretty significantly, and I've got a lot of cramping.

I have an u/s scheduled next week anyway, so I'll likely just keep that and see for sure, but I think it's pretty done.

I really am ok. If it's not to be, it's not to be. I'll have another at some point, but if now wasn't the right time, that's ok. We'll get there. Good luck everyone!! HH9M! I'll still try to keep updated on you guys!!

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I'm so sorry Sad

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Sorry for your loss Sad

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oh no Sad kup

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so sorry, take another pregnancy test in a few days. You never know with the bleeding. I passed a huge clot (size of a silver dollar) and had some heavy bleeding with my second. He is here with us today. Will be praying you get good results and peace.

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So sorry to hear this news...

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Oh so sad to hear this. Kup.

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I'm so sorry *hugs*

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Sad so sorry to hear.

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I'm sorry...

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Thanks ladies. Smile I'm not giving up on this babe yet. I'm just going to operate under worse case scenario until I know for sure. I'll keep you posted.

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Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way. Hugs....:openarms:

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I'll be thinking of you. Keep us posted. Hugs.

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I'm so sorry!

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So sorry you're going through this.