I'd like an epidural now, please.

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I'd like an epidural now, please.


These contractions are really flipping painful. But they will taper off after a few hours, as they have all the past two weeks. I was completely against pain meds but now I am so exhausted from dealing with this pain, I would get an epidural right this minute if it were an option! Plus I'm so worn out that I think getting one may be the only way I will get through labor at all. Sad

I go to the doctor tomorrow. I'm hoping I'm super dilated so he will just do whatever to push me over the edge of this cliff I've been teetering on the edge of for 17 days now.

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Oh Rachelle. Sad *hugs*. I know this whole pregnancy has been rough on you. You deserve to at least catch a break now! Sad

Dear Rachelle's body:



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Good luck today! I know you're exhausted and in need of a break!

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I hope your appointment brings good news!

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Hope you get some good news today or at least get feeling better!

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I hope u get goon news today!

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Oh boo!! I hope your appt brings some good news that things are progressing at least! :vibes: