If baby wants to come at an inconvient time.. this weekend is it!

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If baby wants to come at an inconvient time.. this weekend is it!

We are currently under the effects of Tropical storm Andrea.... Baby's name is going to be Noah. we have had that planned.... Currently we are also in the process of becoming flooded.....there's only a few ways to get to the hospital from where we live.... one way has a sinkhole, the MAIN (and shortest) way is currently flooded out...... the 3rd is WAY out of the way. SO it would be perfect if he came tonight since the hospital is going to be almost impossible to get to!

On a similar note. Apparently the prinicpal said soemthing abotu me not coming in today yesterday. (at this poitn I had already informed the coworkers that I would see them) and the other very preggo but being induced on Tues teacher said oh she will be here. we just got a message. The principal's response was "How is she going to be here did you SEE her when she walked out??? " I love my principal. He also told me if I have my closeout stuff done by Tues I won't have to go back in on Wed. Doubtful I can get it done but I may have to try!

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LOL, sounds like the perfect time to have a baby, doesn't it? Blum 3 Shame on you for choosing to name him Noah! LOL.

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Oh my, what a mess! Hope you don't have to get out in all of that...unless its worth it to you. In that case, come on baby!! Wink