"If you had a better attitude, you wouldn't need Zofran."

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"If you had a better attitude, you wouldn't need Zofran."

That's what my "friend" told me today.

She also told me that I have no right talking about my morning sickness because she's not pregnant and it's not fair. I need to enjoy every second my head is in the toilet because I owe of to everyone who wishes they were pregnant to be grateful for every chunk I hurl.

Oh and since my pregnancy has been so difficult on my family, I never should have gotten pregnant and I don't deserve to have this child.

I am just sick. I've put three things on FB last week about my sickness and most of it was in question form seeking advice from friends.

Oh and this friend HAS a baby. She just turned one and she's still nursing. She's just mad at the world because she honestly thought she'd be pregnant by her six week check up with that baby and have given birth already and by now be finding out she was pregnant with #3. She was very unrealistic and somehow it's all my fault. Sigh.

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OMG, how utterly rude! Ok, I struggled with infertility and wished SO hard to be pregnant...but at no point did I think someone who is already pregnant should enjoy puking. Nor do I think that someone puking and nausea wished they weren't pregnant nor do they not deserve that baby! WOW!

So I think it's safe to say this woman isn't much of a friend. If she's exclusively breastfeeding has she even got her period back? Who in their right mind would want to be pg at their 6 week visit? Wow...she seems different.

Great big HUGS coming your way. Try to put her negativity out of your mind and work on yourself and your family. You don't need 'friends' like that in your life!

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Pretty much agree with everything Heather said. Yikes. There is not a single thing okay about what she said. I'm just shocked. Wow.


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Heather, you made me laugh when you said she seems different. LOL

And okay - awhile back when I was having NO trouble getting pregnant, but couldn't STAY pregnant for whatever reason it happened to be, I remember thinking, I'd cherish morning sickness. Atleast I'd be pregnant. Well, Karma is a ***** isn't it? I'm almost 31 weeks and had morning sickness for 27 of it. YES! And I complain every chance I get. And I take Zofran a few times a week. I had to cut down on it because it wasn't effective any more, probably because I was taking it around the clock. But when I first started on it? MIRACLE DRUG!

And can I just say that it's not like you *knew* it was going to be hard on your family and did it out of spite. You're PREGNANT! You're making a life! You deserve everything you want AND the ability to complain/ask/whatever about morning sickness. OMG people make me SO MAD.

And...okay for finding out you're pregnant at your six week checkup.. ahh ((((HUGS)))) I need Zofran too. I guess I'd better work on my attitude.

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LOL!!! I'm sorry, but that laughter is for your "friend." She is seriously so out of touch with reality...

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b*tch. :roll:

:oops: So "unprofessional" of me to say :oops:


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You all know how to make a girl smile. The past few weeks I feel like I have been fighting crazies off with a stick. After awhile I started thinking "what if it's me? What if these hormones are making ME crazy and I'm the horrible one???"

This girl has really been a drain on my for almost two years. I have bent over backwards to try to show her how to be a good friend. She's had a horrible life and I thought maybe I could show her real love and friendship. But.. Clearly I can't. I'm burnt out and beat down and exhausted. I'm done!!!

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I pretty much agree with what the other girls said. As for my 2 cents. She doesn't sound like much of a friend to say stuff like that. I would definitely purge this girl if she was a "friend"of mine! With friends like that... Who needs enemies?!?

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Sounds like being done is the answer. You can only waste so much energy on a lost cause. Unlike family, you can just distance yourself from a 'friend' like that. Good luck!

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:bigarmhug: I think people have no idea how hard bad nausea can be unless they have experienced it. It was the worst for me with DS1 but I have not been able to function for the first 15 to 18 wks with each of my successful pregnancies and was sick up until I lost the baby with my first m/c. I wanted each one of them, and they are totally worth it but it's still really hard to go through. I told DH at around 10 wks with this one that if we lost this baby...even though I really want to have 3...then I'm done. We wouldn't try again. It's just too much to put on my family, I can't be the wife or mother I need to be, working while going through that is ridiculously hard too. Having a better attitude has nothing to do with how rough your symptoms are...that's ridiculous. It's like saying well you should eat some crackers before you get up in the mornings and it'll be better. Ha!

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"Clarkton" wrote:

:Having a better attitude has nothing to do with how rough your symptoms are...that's ridiculous. It's like saying well you should eat some crackers before you get up in the mornings and it'll be better. Ha!

Yes Lynn! Also, I saw a woman this week who was 11 weeks and having no symptoms whatsoever. And I was kind of like - why do I get every one DARN IT. However, she just had a loss, and had to go through IVF, and is in her 40's wanting a baby for her whole life. So she's probably sitting there thinking that it was so easy for me to get pregnant, and that I'm on #2 when she will realistically only ever have 1 when she would want more, and that she would LOVE to puke a few times just to know that everything is okay with her pregnancy! And really I'd take my symptoms over all that. Although we too have been having it so rough that we think we're done cause of all the stress and havoc being sick has caused in our family. And I put more stress on my husband and mom than should be allowed in a lifetime - but they are GREAT because they love me and the baby! Time to give up the friend methinks..

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Sometimes you just need to be done with friends like that. If they drain more than they bring to your life, it is not worth it.

But I did have to laugh at her absurdity Wink SOme b**ches are just crazy and you can rationalize with with crazy.

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In fairness, Jessica, you really DO need to work on your attitude......I KID I KID!!!!! LOL (Just couldn't resist teasing you.) Biggrin :D Biggrin
PCCGirl - Your "friend" sounds like a jerk, to put it nicely.

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omg how horrible of her to stay those things, I agree it took me 2 years to get pregnant but i would be more than thrilled with any of my friends that had gotten pregnant before me. You really dont need a friend like that in your life especially at this time she is only going to stress you out. Maybe she is the one with the bad attitude if this is how she treats her friends i can imagine how she treats her enemies

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Im sorry she said this to you, I agree with some on here that its not worth having her in your life. a friend wouldn't say that

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"elleon17" wrote:

But I did have to laugh at her absurdity Wink SOme b**ches are just crazy and you can rationalize with with crazy.

LMAO! Thanks for the giggle. It's SO true! I would definitely distance myself from that crazy.

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oops, double post.

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Wow! I would be slapping people (okay okay, not really but I would love to imagine slapping them lol)