I'm Having a....

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I'm Having a....


Amazing how I imagined all sorts of medical problems that potentially could be wrong, but a girl didn't even occur to me!! Lol. I'm very excited, and the tech and I work together so we did a thorough 3D for me and everything looks great. We won't do any official tests till I'm 20 weeks, (2 weeks) but so far no reason to worry.

Very excited... me and my baby girl against the WORLD!!!

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Congrats on your little girl. yay for team pink

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Wonderful!! Congratulations on your healthy baby girl! Biggrin

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congrats on a healthy baby girl!!!

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Congrats on your baby girl. I love having a daughter. Now start stalking up on super cute shoes and clothes! Biggrin

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Congrats on your little girl!!!

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Congrats on the little girl!

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Congrats on your girl!!

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Congrats on your healthy baby girl!

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Congratulations! Go team pink!!