I'm so HUNGRY!!!!
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Thread: I'm so HUNGRY!!!!

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    Default I'm so HUNGRY!!!!

    I know it is from breastfeeding and all the pumping, but I am really hungry quite constantly.

    At first it was fine because I was losing weight, but since I've been on the minipill (about 6 weeks), I've gained 3-4 lbs.

    I'm not happy about this at all, but know I can't "diet" because of breastfeeding and I just signed up t donate milk because I am producing so much that we can't go through it and I want to donate for at least a month or so.

    I'm eating healthy, but even the healthy foods start adding up when you want to eat every 30 mins to an hour. lol!
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    Breastfeeding makes me ravenous too. I could seriously eat all day and night long some days. Don't stress the weight, the mini pill messes me up too. I was losing weight steadily until I started it then I hit a wall (started it at only 2 weeks PP) and didn't lose a pound for TWO MONTHS!! I'm still up 12 pounds right now but have lost 5 in the last month or so finally.

    Anyway...just wanted to say I feel ya on the hunger. And WTG on the donating milk, that's great! I can hardly keep up with my own baby.
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    I am also up about four pounds. :/ I'm working out a lot and part of it is regaining all that muscle I lost while I was so sick the whole pregnancy. But I can eat nonstop. Between breast feeding and the gym, my appetite is through the roof.
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