Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

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Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

I'm reading Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth which I realize is supposed to leave me all empowered and excited but it is stressing me out more and more. I never felt this stressed about Tori or Lucas. You'd think I'd be all confident having done this before but I'm actually getting worse.

Am I approaching this wrong? I have the world's biggest fear of a c/s. you just have no idea how the thought terrifies me. I am a sloooooooow healer. If I were sliced open, it would take so long for me to recover. I can't even fathom. For my gallbladder surgery, I had four incisions, one inch each. I couldn't even take the tape off for eight weeks.

I thought this book would help me find peace but its making everything worse. I know that unless I find a way to regain some peace and confidence, I could very well end up in surgery. Even with the best OB in town who has the lowest c/a rate. My first two were born vaginally without issue so why I am so scared this time???

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I'm freaked out by the idea of c/s too! I had a vaginal delivery with DS and although I had the intervention of pitocin and epidural, it was an easy peasy delivery (two pushes and he was out)

I don't remember being nervous with DS, but am terrified this time around. Makes no sense to me either because I would think that having been through it before would ease fears.

No advice, but I'm right there with you :bigarmhug:

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I had a c/s last time. It was easy baby. No labour. No contractions. Sure I had to heal after but that was just a waiting game. I really want a vaginal birth but THAT scares me. LOL. I think it's human nature to be afraid of the unknown. Who isn't?

How far into the book are you and why is it freaking you out? I'm over half way through it and I find it very calming. They had something like 187 births before they even had one c-section. That's amazing! I'm feeling empowered learning about how my body and mind are my body was DESIGNED to birth a baby.

*hugs* being nervous sucks.