inconclusive test uggghh

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inconclusive test uggghh

so my temp went up this morning by now its either down and AF comes, I took my last test from walmart brand is Equate and it looks inconclusive.

the circle part says its suppose to have a (+l) if its positive and a negative should look like this (- l ) but mine looks like (l l)

now i have to go to the dollar store and grab some test and test on my lunch to confirm it

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Oooo, how exciting....a faulty test...the suspense is mounting. Biggrin It seems promising that the line that is there is the positive part of the test. Hmmm...I can't wait to see your next test. I have everything crossed that this is it for you. :goodluck:

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Um, I'm going to give you a "congrats!!" anyway Smile It looks like the control line got stolen by the positive line.

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exciting! DT test would would work but a FRER would be even better....

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i said well i at least got the line going up and down rather than across cause that would be a negative, i really do thinki am especially with the cramps i have and my temp being high... oh i cant wait!!!!!

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I had a one of the dollar general rexall blue tests look like that too. I think it is the up line that matters. and that one looks really there. Smile go get FRER!!

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Ummm, that looks positive to me! Smile

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I would skip the blue dye and definitely get an FRER, so you can know for sure! Good luck! I think you have a good shot!

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I hate those tests! I never buy them but when I see others I find there are more I'm not sure about than ones that I am. LOL. I agree, the pink dye FRER are great. I'm so hopeful for you!!!! *fingers crossed*

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ok maybe i'll run and spend the money they are so dam expensive but i need to know for sure this guessing **** is driving me crazy

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Are you positive the circle was supposed to have a +? I just ask because I used a target brand test with my first pregnancy that looked IDENTICAL but just had a line like yours in the circle and was not supposed to have a horizontal line.

Tenitively congrats!

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Oh I'm so hopeful!!!! Can't wait for an update!!!!