Infection :(

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Infection :(

I've been having a ton of pelvic pain and no energy for several days. Finally went to my Dr and I have a pelvic infection, Endometritis, I believe. Anyone ever deal with this before? He gave me an antibiotic shot and a script for antibiotics and told me to call immediately orgo to the ER if I get worse because apparently it can get in the bloodstream easily. Sad Hoping he was just being extra cautious, but he made me nervous.

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Oh no!! Sorry to hear that. I hope you caught it in plenty of time and the meds will clear it up quickly! *hugs*

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Oh no! hugs! That's no fun. I'm totally paranoid about infection this time for some reason.

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I hope you get to feeling better fast!

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No experience but I hope you get feeling better asap.

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Lauren, I'm so sorry... nice that they had to scare you too. Honestly though, you have the antibiotics now and they will likely do their job with no more issues. Please KUP on how you're doing.

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Hope you are feeling better Lauren. :bighug:

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Oh no, I hope you are starting to feel better!

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How scary, I hope it's cleared up.