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iPad apps

Just curious if anyone has downloaded any particular ipad apps or specific books they find helpful. I have a pregnancy by the week book, what to expect when you're expecting, and a few random books about being a single mother. Yes... My boyfriend is involved but it doesn't change the fact that we are in a new relationship and we've already decided that we won't be moving in together... So middle of the night feeds and what not will be solo. Anyway... Any suggestions for addl books or helpful iPad apps.

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Since you will be a working mom, maybe one of the sleeping through the night books? Though there are soooo many methods you could be reading forever.

I think you've got the spectrum covered otherwise! Just try to relax and enjoy being pregnant.

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BEST book I read during my pregnancy was "the girlfriends guide to pregnancy"! It was funny, honest, and true.

Second was "baby bargains". It helped me budget for what I needed and what was helpful and/or essential because so many things r not.

DH and I broke up 2days before I found out I was pregnant. We didn't officially get back together until the 4 or five month mark, but didnt move into together until after DS was born. I truly understand the preparations for being a single mom. Wink

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I wasnt into reading many pregnancy books, I did have What to Expect. Their app is is good and it is free! I really enjoyed reading pregnancy and newborn magazines.