It's a.....

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It's a.....

Boy! And another boy! And a girl!!

Thats right it is triplets! I will be 17 weeks tomorrow and I hope to carry them until mid may. Congrats on all your pregnancies! I look forward to getting to know you all!

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Wow, congrats!

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Congrats, how exciting!

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Oh my goodness, congratulations on your bundles of joy Smile

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That's simply amazing and congratulations!!!!

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Oh wow!! Congrats!

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WOW! Was this ivf? CRAZY fun!

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Wow!! Congrats!

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Thank you all! It was ivf. We had less than a 1 percent chance of triplets and I Should play the lottery because it happened! We put 4 back with my dd and got 1!

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Wow! Congrats one your 3 bundles!!

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wow congrats!~

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Wow!! Congratulations on your triple blessing! I hope you have a smooth as can be pregnancy. I look forward to getting to know you and follow your journey. Smile

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So wait OP, was your daughter born in 2012? And now you're pregnant with triplets? *Faints*

You are a brave soul!!!! And so blessed Smile

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Ella was born in nov 2010, so 4 kids 2 and under!

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I have not updated my siggy in a while!

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Well, that's still a handful even for a saint lol. She is gorgeous. I love knitted things....