It's coming....

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It's coming....

I can feel it on the horizon...feeling normal again! Okay so I'm still really nauseous and slightly moody, but my energy has suddenly come back this week and I don't feel AS grumpy as I have for the last 2 months Wink Not to mention, a lot of foods taste "right" again as well as Coke (maybe that's not a good thing as I'd pretty much quit drinking it..oh well).

Crossing my fingers the nausea dies down in the next week or so and I can feel completely human again Yahoo But not feeling like I just ran a marathon exhausted? I'll take it!

How is everyone else feeling?

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YAY for you!!!! I'm so glad to hear this!

I'm feeling like I have a bit more energy too...although it is day to day!

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I'm glad things are starting to be better! Thankfully I don't get sick at all, but I'd love to stop being so tired all the time. Unfortunately I remember the tiredness just going on forever in my last pregnancy.........

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The nausea is Bette the past 2 days but the exhaustion is just as bad. Hopefully I will start to feel better soon too! You have given me hope! Lol

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I'm still as sick as a dog, but I'm only 9 weeks. Sigh. Can't wait to feel better.

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I'm jealous ;). It has been a rough time since I hit 10 wks, the last few days have been the worst of this pregnancy so far.

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Getting better!! I think I might try and come off my Diclectin soon. Still have some trouble sleeping at times though Sad

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thats so great to hear, im actually feeling good this week. I havent had any real nausea just a very sour feel in my stomach all day long. but that seems to have gone away.. only now if i can just control the gagging when i brush my teeth I'll be good

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Yep, I'm starting to feel a bit better with each passing week now. Still somewhat tired and nauseous, but I can tell it's definitely letting up and will be gone in the next few weeks.