It's May!

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It's May!

Hooray! We're officially due next month! Yahoo I find this notion very exciting because now when people ask when I'm due, I can say next month Smile Somehow that makes me very happy. And perhaps we'll even see some LO's arriving this month! Although I have to say the May board was verrrrry quiet at the end of April - so who knows!

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It's crazy! I'm one of the early July due dates, but it is so close!

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Wooooo hooooo! Happy May! Getting close to baby time!

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38 day max here! Woo hoo! I'm hoping around 35.5 weeks she will come tho.

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This kid has to stay in until at least after we move, the she has the green light. All these contractions lately has me slightly worried though.

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This makes me happy and sad.

Yay! It's May!

Oh. It's still snowing. Sigh.

One month until my 'due date'. Although I will have a chat with the Dr. about that today and see what he thinks about my dating.

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i agree it makes me happy and sad.. to think im not going to feel all the lovely looks kicks and movements anymore when she arrives