It's sucking my will to live!

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It's sucking my will to live!

I'm not sure what baby is UP TO today but I'm utterly exhausted! It started around 2pm and it's now 8:50. Ugh. I'm a zombie. Thank goodness DH took DD out for errands after daycare pick up so I could lay on the couch. She even requested they go get groceries for mommy! LOL. So sweet! DH gave her a bath and got her mostly ready for bed. I just couldn't function. Even now I'm blah. I just ate some cereal as I didn't have much dinner and was worried that was contributing.

How is everyone else doing?

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tonight I am not that bad I think IM on a second wind? (as I sit here at 12:00 just finishing up some grade logging for report cards!) however earlier tonight DS wanted me to lay on the couch with him... I told him to give me a min and made an excuse for why I couldnt at THAT second. only because I knew at that point in time if I laid down I was down for the count. (and we couldnt have that as I am no where NEAR ready to fill out these report cards that have to be done tomorrow) HOWEVER yesterday I was Utterly EXHAUSTED! I couldnt function at all. (hence why Im so behind now... this baby is trying to kill me with exhaustion!)

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I have actually been feeling better the past week or so. I didn't think I was ever going to get over being so exhausted! I may spend next week exhausted, but for now I am doing better.

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I still haven't really got the second trimester energy... I'll get it in 5 more weeks and then it'll be BAM third tri exhaustion before you know it.

I do feel like I am in a growth spurt or hormone surge though? I was down to one Zofran a day and I'm back up to three. Sigh.

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I'm always a bit tired but not bad. Yesterday in spite of the zoo ran I got sick. First time it overpowered my zofran in 10 weeks or so! Crazy.

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been feeling better from my headaches, havent gotten one since Saturday so im def happy about that. I feel like i got some more energy and my sciatic is hideous but starting to feel better since i've been sleeping with the body pillow

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I'm exhausted! I feel good, but the restless nights and getting up to go to the bathroom as started.....oh and the crazy dreams are keeping me up!

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I never seem to get that 2nd trimester energy. EVER.

Yesterday I was SO exhausted and sore. I had been up since 5 am with DS2. I was going non-stop until I got home from choir at 10:30 pm. Add in my little adventure in the street and you've got one sore, achy, exhausted pregnant lady. Plus at choir we spent 3 hours doing a recording session, so that is an extra strenuous rehearsal. (Go ahead and laugh at choir being strenuous, it totally is!)

When I fell in to bed around 10:45 last night I felt like my limbs were made of lead.

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Thankfully I have been feeling great since about 14-15 weeks!! I'm SOOOOO Glad, because I was one sorry mess for the entire first trimester! I haven't had a solid night's sleep in years (baby sleep training ended up being a bust... I'll try again in another week or so) but my body has long since adapted to that. I just ordered some new homeschool curriculum to try out with my kids starting next week, and I'm really excited about that - and happy that I have the energy to implement! Smile

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Yay for everyone who is feeling better. MOST days I'm fine...but there was something weird about yesterday I was just wiped!

So I went to bed at 10 and woke at 11:30 feeling like my head was going to explode! Oh man! I was able to go back to sleep but I had all sorts of weird dreams. Ugh.

Noelle - I totally hear what you're saying. The weird dreams REALLY started a couple weeks ago and they seem to be relentless. I was snoozing on the couch yesterday while DH was out getting DD and I swear I was mainly awake and having weird dreams. Ugh. In my dream last night DH was a J.E.R.K. I hate those dreams. I like to tease him about it though. I'll say "Dream hubby was NOT nice last night!" Then he'll ask me what the a-hole did. HA HA!

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Sorry you are out of energy! It's definitely hard when we have little ones to care for too! I usually do pretty good during the day but by evening I am exhausted.

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I'm just glad I have hubby! I don't know how single moms, or moms with hubbies who work out of town, do it!

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I have been down with a cold for the past few days so that has had me pretty wiped out. Before the cold I was pretty perky during the day and pooped at night. I have so much respect for all you BTDT mommies! I couldn't imagine having a LO running around when I feel like this.

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Yuck sorry about the exhaustion. I had the worst exhaustion for about 2 months early on to the point that I wondered if I'd ever feel normal again. Now I have energy back and other than getting worn out earlier in the day.

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I have just started to get some energy back within the last week. But I'm still pretty wiped by the evening most days. My house is a complete disaster since I have been up to zero maintaining in the last 3.5 or so months. DH picks up a lot of slack with getting dinner on the table, at least running the dishwasher, some laundry and getting the boys ready for bed at night but somehow he just can't keep up with things the same as I do. For starters, I don't think he understands that part of cleaning a kitchen means wiping the counters and I don't know if he has washed anything in the sink that I can recall...well I better stop now before I really get going Blum 3 Anyway, my point is just this past weekend I actually had enough energy to get the kitchen put back to somewhat of a place of order and I have maintained it this week. I hope to get a lot more back in order around the house this weekend since it's going to be a 3 day weekend (due to MLK day) My energy still comes and goes though but is way, way better.

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If the night is decent, and I get to sleep in until 9, and DD takes a nap, then I'm usually okay until around 4:30 Smile And I don't take her out too much on my own because it's too tiring. So you get the idea - pretty freakin' tired still. But I do get out of bed everyday now - so that's a massive improvement since 15 weeks Smile