Joining June 2013

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Joining June 2013

Hello all I recently found out I am expecting my 3rd and we are over the moon about it. I have had 3 hcg results already. The last was on Monday. Hcg 6553 and progesterone 41 at 5w3d. It looks I will be joining with some mommies that I have been On previous birth boards with. So this is totally awesome! Congrats to you all expecting and I wish you all a HH9M!! :D:D:D

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Yey Smile Welcome to June! (I'm in May but I lurk a lot here)

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Congratulations and welcome to June 2013! Biggrin

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YAY! More friends! Welcome to the June board! It's nice to meet you! We have lots of 2nd, 3rd, 4th and MORE time moms here! So fun!

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Hey Jackie! Congrats Biggrin Glad to be sharing a BB with you again :woohoo:

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Thanks Ashley! Congrats to you as well!:)

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Hello!! Congrats and welcome! I'm baking #4 right now, lol.

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Welcome! Congrats and HH9M to you! I'm also expecting my 3rd Smile

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Hello and congratulations! I am also expecting our third.

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Wow! Lots of mommies expecting #3 and #4! That's so great!!

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welcome! Jackie I remember you from the the 09 board!

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Welcome to June and congrats! Lots of great ladies here.

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Welcome to June! I'm another mommy expecting #3!

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Welcome and congrats!!! Smile #6 for me!

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Hello (from May 2013) Lots of us expecting baby #3! How exciting! Congrats!

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Congrats! Welcome to June !!

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Welcome and Congrats!!