Joint pain?

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Joint pain?

At the end of hte pregnancy I was having tons of join pain in my left arm and hand. to the point that I would wake up and I couldnt bend my fingers and they hurt like heck. Had baby, and left arm was better. Since we have been home from the hospital I ahve had the SAME pain/problem but with my right arm. Im still kinda swollen joint wise but not all over... or at least not like I was with DS1. anyone else have this problem? Im thinking i might not be drinking enough? or a nerve is pinched? ( I go to the chiro tomorrow as I have one spot in my back/leg that hurts when I move/bend etc.)

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No experience, but I hope you feel better soon!

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For me, post pregnancy I have crazy thyroid issues and so that causes really bad joint pain. You may want to look into getting a blood test.