Jonah's birth story!

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Jonah's birth story!

I had been in for an appointment earlier in the afternoon. The doctor checked me and I was at 3.5cm, but baby's head was still floating around. The doctor wanted to check to see if the cord was blocking the way, the most painful check I have ever had! It wasn't so the doctor was pleased about that. The rest of the evening I was feeling crampy and had quite a bit of bloody discharge, but I had some the previous week, so I didn't think a lot about it. I figured the cramping was from rough check I had earlier in the day. That evening I went to church and taught the preschool aged class, mostly sitting down, and of course I had about over the double the number of kids I normally do!

I continued to feel crampy and fell asleep on the couch like I had been doing for the past couple of weeks. A contraction woke me up at 3 am. Not unusual, I would normally wake up to a contraction at about three o clock every morning like clockwork, and then I would go to bed. So I went to the use the bathroom and brush my teeth. I was still having some contractions, and I sat on the toilet for a few minutes and that made me feel better. I went to bed and after I laid down for a few minutes, I thought, "This is not going to work!". I went back and sat on the toilet, and by this time DH was awake. I was really starting to hurt. I threw my last minute item in my bag and told DH to get up and get some clothes on, we needed to leave NOW! Thankfully my mom was at our house and she stayed with the kids.

Neither one of know exactly what time we left the house, we didn't think to look at the clock! We woke up my in-laws as we pulled out of the driveway, and they called a few minutes later. I called the birthing center to let them know we were on our way and they said they would have a room ready. We got a couple of miles down the road and DH was like, "Maybe you should call back and them to have the doctor ready, so I dialed but I couldn't talk, the contractions, by now, were one right after the other. So DH talked to the nurse, I'm not even sure what was said. DH was driving about 90 MPH down a 2 lane state highway that has a 55 MPH limit! When we finally got on the four lane, he hit max speed on the car (108 mph).

We pulled up at the door at 3:57, where they had someone waiting on us. I could not walk in and requested a wheelchair. There were only two nurses working and they couldn't find a wheelchair! I was thinking, "this is a hospital and you can't find a wheelchair!". They finally rolled out the reclining chair from one of the birthing rooms, and rolled me in. It had wheels like a desk chair and it got hung up on every rug along the way. I'm sure it would have made quite a funny scene in a movie! We got in the room at 4:04, yes 7 minutes to get a chair and roll me in!

The nurses were pulling my pants off as I was standing up, I immediately crawled up in the bed, and the nurse, who was a friend I went to school with, checked me. I noticed that I didn'really feel her checking me, and I asked if she could feel his head. She said yes and the other nurse rushed out of the room to page my doctor.

They were putting my IV in and breaking down the bed as the doctor came rushing in at 4:09. He cleaned me up and we immediately started pushing. The doctor was great at reminding me to push at the burning and his head was out in no time. After his head was out, the doctor saw that baby had a double nuchal cord so he told me to stop pushing. After that things slowed down a little as I would give little pushes and the doctor would slowly work the cord back around his neck. Baby was never monitored, so we don't know if his cord was compressed, causing distress. But his head was a scary shade of white for about 30 minutes after he was born, and then suddenly he turned red! After the doctor unwrapped the cord, I gave one more big push and he was out! Jonah was born at 4:15 am. 8lbs 5oz, and 22 inches!

The doctor delayed cutting the cord on account of the blood flow because of the nuchal cord. After the cord was cut, we delivered the placenta with no problem. No tearing, no stitches! We had visitors almost immediately, I don't even think the doctor was out of the room yet. About on hour after Jonah was born the nurses brought in the consent to treatment papers for me to sign! Oh, and another funny thing, everything was happening so fast that the nurses were taking notes on their arms with ink pens!

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WOW! That's a crazy birth story Leah! Jonah sure was excited to get out in a hurry! I'm glad everything turned out so well. I had to LOL at the nurses writing on their arms!

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Wow! He sure was in a hurry!! Glad everything turned out good!

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I'm sure they had a great time charting after that!! The amount of paperwork a birth takes is just insane.

What a great birth story. I'm glad you figured it out so fast on the toilet. I'd be sitting around waiting to see what would happen - probably would have delivered on the toilet Smile

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"dinzy" wrote:

What a great birth story. I'm glad you figured it out so fast on the toilet. I'd be sitting around waiting to see what would happen - probably would have delivered on the toilet Smile

HA HA HA! Me too!

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It did take me a few minutes to decide. But when the contractions seemed like they were lasting longer that I was getting a break for, I decided this was for real and I had better hurry!

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Great birth story! Congrats again mama and TFS Biggrin

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Wow, he's gonna be a racer of some sort.

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What a great birth. Scary that he was white though...

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Glad everything turned out so well! Thanks for sharing

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Wow, he wasn't really in a dillydallying mood was he?

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Love, love, love your story! Glad all went well!

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Love your birth story. My favorite is that the nurses were taking notes on their arms LOL! Congrats, that'll be a fun one to tell when he's older Wink