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Thread: ♥ June, 2013 Spaces ♥

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    Default ♥ June, 2013 Spaces ♥

    Please read the following before posting!

    Reserve your spot here AFTER you get your BFP. Spaces are reserved for sharing...
    1. Something brief about yourself
    2. Info about your appointments
    3. Pics of your BFP, your growing belly, ultrasounds, nursery shots, etc.
    4. Additional pregnancy tickers
    5. Anything else you want to share related to your pregnancy (please keep as brief as possible).

    This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments. ♥ Once you reserve your "space," edit it each time you post something new. Please DO NOT create a new post for each new picture/piece of info you are posting. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of your post. ♥ Because this is already a picture-heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by un-checking the "Show your signature" button before your click "submit" to post your message. ♥ Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies.
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    Hi! My name is Heather, 36, and DH is Allan, 41. We have been married for 5 years and have a 2.5 year old DD named Kennedy. TTC the first time wasn't easy. After battling a few infertility issues and facing the real possibility of needing IVF/ICSI we conceived naturally on our 15th cycle! Yeah! TTC #2 was much easier, we were successful on our 3rd cycle!!! Our EDD is June 12, 2013!!!

    Here we are on our wedding day (September 2007).

    Our Daughter

    The BFPs

    And because I was in denial... a FRER!!!!

    The Winning Chart

    The Belly


    October 10, 2012: First Midwife Appt
    October 25, 2012: First Ultrasound!!!!
    November 28, 2012: CVS
    December 4, 2012: Second Midwife Appt
    December 27, 2012: 3rd Midwife Appt (HB 152 bpm)
    January 15, 2013: BIG Ultrasound! (Staying Team Green)
    January 24, 2013: 4th Midwife Appt


    October 25, 2012: Measuring 7w0d (my dates have me at 7w2d). HB of 148 bpm.

    November 28, 2012: 12w2d (my dates). Measuring 6 cm long!

    January 15, 2013: 19w (my dates).

    March 14, 2013: 27w2d.


    4 weeks: 153
    9 weeks: 154
    12 weeks: 156
    14 weeks: 159
    16 weeks: 163
    20 weeks: 169.5
    24 weeks: 176
    28 weeks: 182.5
    32 weeks: 188.7
    36 weeks: 195
    40 weeks: 206


    My Baby Space with DD's pregnancy: *February 2010 Spaces!*
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    miscarriage 5w3d in November. Gone too soon - missed and loved.
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    Hi, I am Mary, 26. DH is 33. DS is 6 born on 10-26-06. I am a SAHM who is homeschooling for kindergarten.
    Pictures of DAMION!

    Had a copper IUD since DS was born, took it out in August to TTC. This was our second cycle and got a light BFP 10-1, got a BFP on FRER on 10-3.

    Due 6-14-13


    A couple of belly pics
    Erm, I think this was 14-15 weeks?
    20 weeks + a couple days...
    39 +3

    Ultrasound Pics

    Anwyn Georgia
    Born 6-15 5:07 pm. 7 lbs 9 oz 19.5 inches long.

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    Hey all! My name is Leah.

    BFP at 10 DPO. Sorry for the bad photo, I took it with my phone!

    Me and DH have been married since September 2003 (9 years!)

    Our first child (DS) was born in May 2007

    Our second child (DD) was born in January 2009

    Can't tell they are siblings can you?

    EDD #3 June 2nd 2013

    BFP-September 22nd
    First Dr. Apointment- October 5th
    Bleeding-October 28th-Novemeber 13th


    October 5th- Confirmed my due date and had blood work done.
    October 24th- Ultrasound HB-177
    October 28th- Ultrasound HB-173
    October 29th- Checked bleeding
    November 16th- Heard HB woth doppler for the first time
    December 14th-



    Growing Belly
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    m/c 5w3d
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    My name is Chrisie (25), my husband's name is Jonathan (32). This is our third baby, and second surprise BFP. I KNEW I was pregnant but i totally got the run around with 2 negative blood tests, multiple negative POAS's and MULTIPLE POSITIVE POAS's! I just didnt give up til I finally saw the second line on the trusty FRER!


    Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

    Second BFP less than 48 hrs later....Im saying TWINS! Mothers intuition?

    Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

    First appointment:

    More to come!!
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    Chrisie <3

    Alexander: 2-16-2010
    Christian: 1-31-2011

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    Hi everyone! I am Hilary, and my husband and I have been married for about 2.5 years now. Our DD Elaina was born on December 11, 2011. We had planned to wait until she was at least two to start trying for another, but apparently this LO had other ideas what a big surprise, but a very welcome surprise!

    First midwife appointment is October 23rd. I have managed to get the same midwife we had for DD and I am thankful for that. She was a big support to me during and after what was a very traumatic delivery with DD. Naturally I am nervous to be doing it all again so soon, but we will make it through. Can't wait for the first ultrasound, hoping it will be soon!
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    Hi everyone! I'm Amanda (Manda), 29, DH is Mark, 35. This will be our 4th little one. I'm due June 14th and very excited for a summer baby this time!

    I'll post some pics soon!
    Married to Mark 05.25.07
    DD Stella Gabrielle - 12.31.07
    DS Sebastien David - 01.06.09
    DD Selene 'Lilu' Katherine Alice 03.16.11

    Homebirthing, breastfeeding, attachment parenting momma

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    I'm 26 and this will be my 3rd (and last!) baby. I've been married to my DH for 6.5 years and we have a 3 year old DD and a 1 year old DS who are 23 months apart. This one will be 22-23 months younger than DS...I'm starting to think we're insane but here it goes!

    I've been a pg.org member since before I started TTC #1 so here are my previous spaces:
    Space from Pregnancy #1
    Space from Pregnancy #2

    I got my very faint BFP on 9/27/12 @ 10 DPO in the afternoon, but you really couldn't see it in pics. Here's 11 & 14 DPO...

    Just for fun @ 21 DPO...
    21 DPO

    10/24: First OB appt and dating u/s Saw our bean! Measuring for EDD 6/11, HB 144 bpm, weight 113.5 lbs
    11/14: Got to see the baby again, s/he was wiggling like crazy. Measuring for EDD of 6/8. weight 117 lbs
    12/12: Baby's HB was 158 on doppler, set appointment for u/s, weight 120 lbs
    01/17: Ultrasound! It's a healthy baby BOY!, changed official EDD to 6/4, weight 126 lbs
    02/12: BP 110/60, measuring ahead 2-3 weeks, weight 132 lbs
    03/12: GD Test, BP 106/68(?), baby's HB in 150's, measuring right on now, baby's head down, 139 lbs
    04/02: BP 120/80, measuring right on 31 weeks, baby's head down still, HB 145, 139 lbs
    04/16: BP 110/70, measuring a week ahead, baby's head down, HB 147, 142 lbs
    04/30: Didn't mention my BP, measuring right on again, baby's head down, HB 139, 142 lbs
    05/07: BP 112/80, measuring right on 36 weeks, ~1 cm dilated, baby's HB 142, 143 lbs
    05/14: BP 120/80, 37cm, ~1 cm dilated, baby's HB 157, 143 lbs, GBS negative(!)
    05/21: BP 107/70, 38 cm, ~1 cm dilated still, basically no progress yet, 144 lbs
    05/28: BP 110/70, 37 cm, ~1 cm still, baby's HB 140s, schedule induction next week if I'm still pg, 145 lbs
    06/04: Due date appt! 1 cm, baby's HB 140's, 146 lbs, induction set for 6/6 if no baby

    Ultrasound Images

    7 weeks:

    10 weeks:

    20 weeks:

    Belly Shots

    4 weeks: Feel totally normal other than some twingey cramping. So excited but nervous!
    6 weeks: On and off nausea (mostly not too terrible) and serious exhaustion.
    7 weeks: Exhaustion isn't quite as bad but horribly nauseous and on/off headaches
    8 weeks: Tired of m/s but OB wrote me a prescription that is helping a ton. Found HB on doppler!
    9 weeks: More of the same (nausea & exhaustion)...definitely looking thicker in the waist.
    10 weeks: Some of my bloating disappears...yay! Worse week of nausea yet
    11 weeks: Nausea continues to try to torture me (thank goodness for my Rx). Tired.
    12 weeks: Can definitely feel my uterus. Seems bigger than normal for this point but maybe cause it's #3
    13 weeks: M/S starting to fade. Energy much better!! So happy!
    14 weeks: Felt movement! Way less nausea (woohoo!)
    15 weeks: M/S all but gone & feeling great! Still tiny movements.
    16 weeks: Felt baby from outside!! Feel like I can't get enough to eat.
    17 weeks: Still not consistent movement but baby moves a ton on doppler. Boobs are sore & huge.
    18 weeks: Head cold...ugh! Eating is suddenly a chore (must be sickness related).
    19 weeks: Appetite back to normal (boo!) but feeling better! Finally pulled out maternity pants.
    20 weeks: Little BOY finally kicking up a storm - yay! Lots of RL pain though.
    21 weeks: Belly starting to really stick out, still a lot of RL pain.
    22 weeks: A lot of energy this week but have probably put on 3 lbs in a week! I'm starving!
    23 weeks: Officially can't sleep on stomach even at an angle. Boo!
    24 weeks: Just feel heavy, huge, and tired this week. Ugh.
    25 weeks: Feeling a lot betterr. Baby boy seems to have flipped head down mostly
    26 weeks: Energy level is good, baby moves a TON and is getting feisty
    27 weeks: Starting to have insomnia at night (doesn't help that baby is kicking up a storm)
    28 weeks: Officially 3rd trimester, woohoo!
    29 weeks: Feel great other than a few cervix jabs here and there.
    30 weeks: More of the same...doing great
    31 weeks: Where did my energy go?! *zzzzz*
    32 weeks: Slight energy rebound, baby feels squished and his jabs are a bit painful
    33 weeks: Uterus found my bad rib and I had two days of horrible back/rib pain before it adjusted.
    34 weeks: Insomnia (UGH!) but otherwise doing well!
    35 weeks: A bit under the weather and have zero energy most of the week.
    36 weeks: Ended up getting really sick, started having frequent BH contractions
    37 weeks: Officially feeling massive, most of my maternity shirts are too short
    38 weeks: Feeling good considering, cleaning bug has hit (worse than normal)
    39 weeks: Energy fading and swelling a bit by end of the day, lots of false labor...
    40 weeks: Okay baby, time to come out!

    Our little guy made his grand entrance 6/6/13!
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