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♥ June, 2013 Spaces ♥

Please read the following before posting!

Reserve your spot here AFTER you get your BFP. Spaces are reserved for sharing...

[INDENT]1. Something brief about yourself
2. Info about your appointments
3. Pics of your BFP, your growing belly, ultrasounds, nursery shots, etc.
4. Additional pregnancy tickers
5. Anything else you want to share related to your pregnancy (please keep as brief as possible).[/INDENT]

This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments. ♥ Once you reserve your "space," edit it each time you post something new. Please DO NOT create a new post for each new picture/piece of info you are posting. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of your post. ♥ Because this is already a picture-heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by un-checking the "Show your signature" button before your click "submit" to post your message. ♥ Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies. Smile

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Hi! My name is Heather, 36, and DH is Allan, 41. We have been married for 5 years and have a 2.5 year old DD named Kennedy. TTC the first time wasn't easy. After battling a few infertility issues and facing the real possibility of needing IVF/ICSI we conceived naturally on our 15th cycle! Yeah! TTC #2 was much easier, we were successful on our 3rd cycle!!! Our EDD is June 12, 2013!!!

Here we are on our wedding day (September 2007).

Our Daughter

The BFPs

And because I was in denial... a FRER!!!!

The Winning Chart

The Belly


October 10, 2012: First Midwife Appt
October 25, 2012: First Ultrasound!!!!
November 28, 2012: CVS
December 4, 2012: Second Midwife Appt
December 27, 2012: 3rd Midwife Appt (HB 152 bpm)
January 15, 2013: BIG Ultrasound! (Staying Team Green)
January 24, 2013: 4th Midwife Appt


October 25, 2012: Measuring 7w0d (my dates have me at 7w2d). HB of 148 bpm.

November 28, 2012: 12w2d (my dates). Measuring 6 cm long!

January 15, 2013: 19w (my dates).

March 14, 2013: 27w2d.


4 weeks: 153
9 weeks: 154
12 weeks: 156
14 weeks: 159
16 weeks: 163
20 weeks: 169.5
24 weeks: 176
28 weeks: 182.5
32 weeks: 188.7
36 weeks: 195
40 weeks: 206


My Baby Space with DD's pregnancy: http://www.pregnancy.org/bulletinboards/keepers-719/%2Afebruary-2010-spaces-%2A-517170/#post6677945

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miscarriage 5w3d in November. Gone too soon - missed and loved.

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Hi, I am Mary, 26. DH is 33. DS is 6 born on 10-26-06. I am a SAHM who is homeschooling for kindergarten.
Pictures of DAMION!

Had a copper IUD since DS was born, took it out in August to TTC. This was our second cycle and got a light BFP 10-1, got a BFP on FRER on 10-3.

Due 6-14-13


A couple of belly pics
Erm, I think this was 14-15 weeks?
20 weeks + a couple days...
39 +3

Ultrasound Pics

Anwyn Georgia
Born 6-15 5:07 pm. 7 lbs 9 oz 19.5 inches long.

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Hey all! My name is Leah.

BFP at 10 DPO. Sorry for the bad photo, I took it with my phone!

Me and DH have been married since September 2003 (9 years!)

Our first child (DS) was born in May 2007

Our second child (DD) was born in January 2009

Can't tell they are siblings can you? Smile

EDD #3 June 2nd 2013

BFP-September 22nd
First Dr. Apointment- October 5th
Bleeding-October 28th-Novemeber 13th


October 5th- Confirmed my due date and had blood work done.
October 24th- Ultrasound HB-177
October 28th- Ultrasound HB-173
October 29th- Checked bleeding
November 16th- Heard HB woth doppler for the first time
December 14th-



Growing Belly

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m/c 5w3d :angel7:

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My name is Chrisie (25), my husband's name is Jonathan (32). This is our third baby, and second surprise BFP. I KNEW I was pregnant but i totally got the run around with 2 negative blood tests, multiple negative POAS's and MULTIPLE POSITIVE POAS's! I just didnt give up til I finally saw the second line on the trusty FRER!


Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Second BFP less than 48 hrs later....Im saying TWINS! Mothers intuition?

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

First appointment:

More to come!!

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Hi everyone! I am Hilary, and my husband and I have been married for about 2.5 years now. Our DD Elaina was born on December 11, 2011. We had planned to wait until she was at least two to start trying for another, but apparently this LO had other ideas Wink what a big surprise, but a very welcome surprise!

First midwife appointment is October 23rd. I have managed to get the same midwife we had for DD and I am thankful for that. She was a big support to me during and after what was a very traumatic delivery with DD. Naturally I am nervous to be doing it all again so soon, but we will make it through. Can't wait for the first ultrasound, hoping it will be soon!

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Hi everyone! I'm Amanda (Manda), 29, DH is Mark, 35. This will be our 4th little one. I'm due June 14th and very excited for a summer baby this time!

I'll post some pics soon!

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I'm 26 and this will be my 3rd (and last!) baby. I've been married to my DH for 6.5 years and we have a 3 year old DD and a 1 year old DS who are 23 months apart. This one will be 22-23 months younger than DS...I'm starting to think we're insane but here it goes! Wink

I've been a pg.org member since before I started TTC #1 so here are my previous spaces:
Space from Pregnancy #1
Space from Pregnancy #2

I got my very faint BFP on 9/27/12 @ 10 DPO in the afternoon, but you really couldn't see it in pics. Here's 11 & 14 DPO...

Just for fun @ 21 DPO...
21 DPO

10/24: First OB appt and dating u/s Saw our bean! Measuring for EDD 6/11, HB 144 bpm, weight 113.5 lbs
11/14: Got to see the baby again, s/he was wiggling like crazy. Measuring for EDD of 6/8. weight 117 lbs
12/12: Baby's HB was 158 on doppler, set appointment for u/s, weight 120 lbs
01/17: Ultrasound! It's a healthy baby BOY!, changed official EDD to 6/4, weight 126 lbs
02/12: BP 110/60, measuring ahead 2-3 weeks, weight 132 lbs
03/12: GD Test, BP 106/68(?), baby's HB in 150's, measuring right on now, baby's head down, 139 lbs
04/02: BP 120/80, measuring right on 31 weeks, baby's head down still, HB 145, 139 lbs
04/16: BP 110/70, measuring a week ahead, baby's head down, HB 147, 142 lbs
04/30: Didn't mention my BP, measuring right on again, baby's head down, HB 139, 142 lbs
05/07: BP 112/80, measuring right on 36 weeks, ~1 cm dilated, baby's HB 142, 143 lbs
05/14: BP 120/80, 37cm, ~1 cm dilated, baby's HB 157, 143 lbs, GBS negative(!)
05/21: BP 107/70, 38 cm, ~1 cm dilated still, basically no progress yet, 144 lbs
05/28: BP 110/70, 37 cm, ~1 cm still, baby's HB 140s, schedule induction next week if I'm still pg, 145 lbs
06/04: Due date appt! 1 cm, baby's HB 140's, 146 lbs, induction set for 6/6 if no baby

Ultrasound Images

7 weeks:

10 weeks:

20 weeks:

Belly Shots

4 weeks: Feel totally normal other than some twingey cramping. So excited but nervous!
6 weeks: On and off nausea (mostly not too terrible) and serious exhaustion.
7 weeks: Exhaustion isn't quite as bad but horribly nauseous and on/off headaches
8 weeks: Tired of m/s but OB wrote me a prescription that is helping a ton. Found HB on doppler!
9 weeks: More of the same (nausea & exhaustion)...definitely looking thicker in the waist.
10 weeks: Some of my bloating disappears...yay! Worse week of nausea yet
11 weeks: Nausea continues to try to torture me (thank goodness for my Rx). Tired.
12 weeks: Can definitely feel my uterus. Seems bigger than normal for this point but maybe cause it's #3
13 weeks: M/S starting to fade. Energy much better!! So happy!
14 weeks: Felt movement! Way less nausea (woohoo!)
15 weeks: M/S all but gone & feeling great! Still tiny movements.
16 weeks: Felt baby from outside!! Feel like I can't get enough to eat.
17 weeks: Still not consistent movement but baby moves a ton on doppler. Boobs are sore & huge.
18 weeks: Head cold...ugh! Eating is suddenly a chore (must be sickness related).
19 weeks: Appetite back to normal (boo!) but feeling better! Finally pulled out maternity pants.
20 weeks: Little BOY finally kicking up a storm - yay! Lots of RL pain though.
21 weeks: Belly starting to really stick out, still a lot of RL pain.
22 weeks: A lot of energy this week but have probably put on 3 lbs in a week! I'm starving!
23 weeks: Officially can't sleep on stomach even at an angle. Boo!
24 weeks: Just feel heavy, huge, and tired this week. Ugh.
25 weeks: Feeling a lot betterr. Baby boy seems to have flipped head down mostly
26 weeks: Energy level is good, baby moves a TON and is getting feisty Wink
27 weeks: Starting to have insomnia at night (doesn't help that baby is kicking up a storm)
28 weeks: Officially 3rd trimester, woohoo!
29 weeks: Feel great other than a few cervix jabs here and there.
30 weeks: More of the same...doing great
31 weeks: Where did my energy go?! *zzzzz*
32 weeks: Slight energy rebound, baby feels squished and his jabs are a bit painful
33 weeks: Uterus found my bad rib and I had two days of horrible back/rib pain before it adjusted.
34 weeks: Insomnia (UGH!) but otherwise doing well!
35 weeks: A bit under the weather and have zero energy most of the week.
36 weeks: Ended up getting really sick, started having frequent BH contractions
37 weeks: Officially feeling massive, most of my maternity shirts are too short
38 weeks: Feeling good considering, cleaning bug has hit (worse than normal)
39 weeks: Energy fading and swelling a bit by end of the day, lots of false labor...
40 weeks: Okay baby, time to come out! :binky:

Our little guy made his grand entrance 6/6/13!

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Can I tentatively reserve this seat on the June 2013 Bus-O-Preggo-Fun? (The bellies on the bus get round and round....tra la la. )

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Hi all! I am Jenny (32) and my DH is 38. We have two wonderful little boys and are hoping to have a little girl this go round. But we know its in God's hands and we are excited to have our third (maybe last) baby. My EDD is June 18th.

My Chart from this cycle

My Ovulation Chart
|| Ovulation Calendar

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Due June 15th

Hi I'm Kia. I am 25 years old. My husband and I were married July 2nd of 2011 and our daughter Elora arrived on the scene shortly after on November 3rd. She was born at 37 weeks 3 days after a short fight with toxemia. I am currently a stay at home mom, but someday will return to teaching. My husband and I started trying for our second child in May. We thought this month was a bust because I was in the ER September 24th and 25th, hospitalized from the 26th to the 29th. I had surgery on the 27th. Everyday that I was in the ER and Hospital they ran pregnancy tests and they were all negative. Low and behold, two days after i expected my period we found out we were expecting! We are overjoyed and feel very blessed to be adding to our family in June!


My Family
Photobucket Photobucket


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Belly Picks

 photo week11comparisonsmall_zps504ab91b.jpg photo week12comparisonsmall_zpsf1f273b8.jpg photo week13comparisonsmall_zps31edd7d6.jpg photo week14comparisonsmall_zps6aef7f8b.jpg photo week15comparisonsmall_zps51dcf068.jpg photo week16comparisonsmall_zps7eb553a8.jpg photo week17comparisonsmall_zps7425c997.jpg photo week18comparisonsmall_zps48be31ce.jpg photo week19comparisonsmall_zps4261029b.jpg photo week20comparisonsmall_zps8915d494.jpgPhotobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosPhotobucket Pictures, Images and Photos photo week31comparisonsmall_zps7f4ed4f1.jpg photo week32comparisonsmall_zps6eb8685f.jpg photo week34comparisonsmall_zpsde67ec95.jpg

 photo Week11-19small_zps70b9b932.jpg





11/20 Baby looked good. Could see hands and feet


12/26Photobucket Its a Girl!

1/23 photo 19weeks4days2small_zps7c7b0032.jpg

Too many to keep up but no new pics

3/1927 weeks 3 days

 photo 31weeks2small_zpsc2c23df4.jpg31 weeks 2 days Leg up by face.

35 weeks 2 days 5lbs 5 oz.


Week 2: Surgery, BFN all week in hospital.
Week 3: Morning sickness or from surgery?
Week 4: Day 3: BFP Day 4: HCG 202 Day 6: HCG 515 Progesterone suppositories started.
Week 8: Day 5: Dating ultrasound.
Week 9: Flu , Bleeding, Ultrasound showed strong heartbeat and tear.
Bedrest started at 9+5, added Zofran
Week 10: Bleeding worse, Ultrasound showed possible abruption.
Perionatologist diagnosed a ruptured vein to the placenta
Week 11: Clot found in calf, compressions stockings now, heard heartbeat on home
Week 12: Started showing/popped
Week 15: Perionatologist found a blood clot (SCH) Still on bedrest. IT’S A GIRL
Week 16: Colposcopy showed abnormalities, will need a biopsy after delivery.
Week 19: Perionatologist said the clot has reduced in size
Week 20: Still spotting
Week 21: More bleeding
Week 22: Lay down bed rest, L&D visit , OB ultrasound
Week 23: Day 2: Perionatologist said clot dissolved leaving the vein exposed and me more vulnerable.
Bed rest with only bathroom privileges and no DD by me at all.
Day 5: OB visit and Steriod shot. Water broke and in L&D, low fluid and contractions stoped
Day 6: Perionatologist said no rupture but the plasma from the clot being released.
Week 24: Day 1: Amnio sure was negative so discharged.
Day 4: Bleeding picked up and contractions sent me to L&D. No change and Em looks good.
Day 5: OB visit, 1 lb 9 oz big estimated, still measuring behind. Swollen, had to take of rings.
Week 26: OB HB 150, Very very swollen.
Week 27: Perionatologist, Em is very low and still behind.
Week 28: OB apt, start kick count, cervix is shortening and less firm. GD test passed
Week 29: L&D with contractions every 2 minutes. Cervix has minimal change. IV fluids.
Morning sickness is back in full swing.
Week 30: OB visit, swelling and pressure .
Week 31: Perionatologist, Em is 3 lb 11 oz and very skiny. Her head and stomach are in the 3%.
Further behind. Cervix is 2.8 cm, so just long enough to go home.
4 hours up added!
Week 32: OB visit, HB 130s. Nesting BUG, and bags packed. Very tight belly hurts. Em is very low.
Week 35: U/S and OB, off bed rest! Very swollen to my knees.


Daisypath Anniversary tickersLilypie Second Birthday tickersLilypie Maternity tickers
 photo GirlTiny_zpsffdf0815.gifPhotobucket photo Grainbow_zps7e44b0ef.gif

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I am Patience(29), DH is Tim(35). We have one son, who is 3...and a few furbabies too.. We are excited about adding #2 to the family!
BFP on October 9th! First appt is on October 26.
Winning chart

Weight: at bfp 137, now 134(10/14)
Oct 9th: (Dh's far away pic makes me look WAY bigger than my pic....
Oct 16 5 weeks:

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My name is Lauren, I'm 30 years old and am married to my soul mate, Carlos who is 31. We met in the 7th grade because we were on the same football team and were fast friends. We dated on and off in high school. Carlos was my first boyfriend and my first kiss! Somehow, life took a twist and I married someone else who was not very nice to me. 2 amazing kids (Emily 11 and Cody 8 ) and four years later we divorced. Carlos and I found each other again on My Space and started dating. We have been together 6 years and married for 4. We have one dd together, Malia (2/20/11), and are expecting #4 on our 5th anniversary!! EDD 6-28-13 I am an in-home childcare provider and dh is a chauffeur, but is looking for something else.

Coming soon!!


10/14/12 - 9dpo - BFP!! Yahoo
10/25/12 - 5 weeks Sono shows empty gestational sac. HCG shows everything is okay!
11/12/12 - 8 weeks


My Ovulation Chart

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Miscarriage at 10 weeks (confirmed with U/S on November 24 - no heart beat) - D&C done Tuesday, November 27.

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Batbird aka Susan's space

M/C on Oct 26th.

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Im 31 and DH is 30 we have a wonderful little boy named Isaiah who is almost 5, We've been trying For baby # 2 since September 2010, we got pregnant after trying for 6 months in Feb 2011 but resulted in a m/c and its been a long journey since then 1.5 years and we are finally pregnant again.. this month we used Maca Root and Royal jelly and I really think thats what did the trick.
I'll probably be a nervous wreck until get seen and know everything is ok

The day before I had DS

My Wedding


1st midwife appt- November 20th (8w4d)
-blood pressure was 118/64 weight =156 by last period due date is july 1st, everything looks good got a flu shot, check my uterus and def pregnant
had some spotting this morning bp 117/70 weight=156. everything looks fine
12-18-12 @ 4:00(12w1d)
blood pressure 109/68 weight 157
baby heartbeat was 160 '

01-15-13 @ 4:00( 16w2d)
blood pressure 107/68 weight: 160
baby heartbeat was 156

2-14-13 @ 3 (gender) & 3:50(midwife)
blood pressure 110/64 weight: 160
baby's heartbeat 147

3-12-13 @ 3:50
blood pressure 108/70 weight 162
baby's heartbeat 147

4-9-13 @ 4:00
blood pressure 122/74 weight 164
glucose test 128
didnt get baby's heartbeat this time

4-23-13 @ 2:15
blood pressure 104/60 weight 165
baby heartbeat 125-130

5-7-13 @3:50
blood pressure 104/60 weight 164
baby heartbeat 133

5-21-13 @ 3:35
weight= 166
blood pressure 104/60

6-4-13 @ 4
weight 165
blood pressure= 134/82
heartbeat= 182
Not dilated but softening, she did blood work to check my blood pressure and said my feet are a tad swollen but nothing to concerned



Blood pressure=118/62
Heartbeat = 135
Still a fingertip no progress if she doesnt come on her own im getting induced on tuesday july 2nd


11-26-12 @ 3:30
measuring 9 weeks exactly


20 weeks anatomy scan

Belly Pics

5w2d (massively bloated)

10 weeks

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Jessica's Space!!

Married to DH since January 2009!
DD born via induction in March of 2010 after 1 hour and 45mins of pushing!
#2 is on the way!! BFP on Sunday 10/14/12 CD 28! EDD is June 24th!

~Appt is set up for Nov 15th! I will be 8wks 3days...seems like forever from now!

*5wks 2days - M/S is here is full swing. I love the symptom because it is a good sign but ugh!
*12wks - M/S is finally getting better. Tired all the time but still able to get everything done! lol Just saw the doctor and Baby and HB is great! 140!

20 WEEKS!! Halfway!! Had U/s and baby is a BOY!! We are so excited. Feeling pretty good other than a big belly. No issues except feel like my body is that of a 80year olds lol Baby boy is about 12oz now and HB is around 141! He was very excited to show us his "junk" all throughout the u/s lol

24 Weeks!

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M/C on December 4th. (Should have been 11wks, baby measured 7wks)

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I'm Laurie! I married my awesome Husband, Daniel, in June of 2002 after 10 months of long distance dating - so we like to tell people that we went on 3 dates, (that's how many times we actually got together in person) and then got married. Smile

It wasn't long into our marriage that I was hit by the baby bug. We had been married only 6 months when we began "trying" for our first. After 9 months and nothing, we actually had some fertility testing done. We found out that Daniel had a low sperm count, and a specialist actually told us we only had a 10% chance of conceiving naturally within a 2 year time frame! Well, we were ecstatic when we got pregnant one month after hearing that news. Our first dd was born after we had been married just over 2 years.

We were surprised to find out we were pregnant again when my first dd was just 6 months old. Sadly, we lost that baby 3 months later. It was another year before we were pregnant again. After that, whatever fertility issues we once had were far behind us. I have gotten pregnant on my 1st pp cycle (after my period returns) 4 times in a row now!!! It would be interesting to have my DH's semen re-analyzed at this point to see if technically he still has "issues." I'd love to see that doctor who told us we only had a 10% chance of conceiving naturally within 2 years now!!!! Smile

Anyway, we have 4 girls, followed by a baby boy. We are very much hoping that we will be adding another boy to the family with this pregnancy!


Th[SIZE=3]is Pregnancy:

[SIZE=2][SIZE=2]8dpo: A po[SIZE=2]sitive pregnancy test
9dpo:[SIZE=2] [SIZE=2]Red bleeding... th[SIZE=2]oug[SIZE=2]ht it was over. I was even thin[SIZE=2]king the test may have been a fals[SIZE=2]e positive.
10[SIZE=2]dpo: [SIZE=2]Only light spotting now. Took another pregnancy test and the line was darker.
11dpo-1[SIZE=2]5dpo: [SIZE=2]Continue [SIZE=2]spotting/li[SIZE=2]ght bleeding. I keep taking pregnancy tests and they continue to get darker.
16 dpo-18 dpo: [SIZE=2]On[SIZE=2]ly a tinge of b[SIZE=2]rown s[SIZE=2]potting now.

Blood test results to check HCG

[SIZE=2]22 dpo: 4092

Good strong numbers and a [SIZE=2]g[SIZE=2]ood rise sin[SIZE=2]ce the numbers are in the 1000's.

27 dpo or 5 [SIZE=2]weeks[SIZE=2], 6 days... first ultrasound.


We have a baby measuring 6 weeks, 1 day. The second photo shows that they detected the HR at 116 bpm.

First belly pic at 6 weeks...

Here is my 9 week belly...

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I will need to fix things from the computer, my phone doesn't like this site much.

I'm Chelle. I've been a part of this site forever but I never expected to be on another birth board! I'm still in shock.

I'm 31. My hubby is Jon. He's 30. We've been married nine years--straight out of college! We live in NE Indiana but I grew up in Rhode Island.

My kiddos are Tori and Lucas. Tori is 7 and totally amazing. She's super smart and talented and serious and focused. In one word, I call her "intense". She makes me so proud but she also makes me so broke with all her dance and swim and everything else! Lucas is 5 and pretty much the coolest kid ever. He's so laid back, creative and funny. I often say, "I think I know what Jim
Carey's mother felt like raising him!" Lucas in one word? "Goofball." They are 100% opposite in every way. I can't imagine what a new kid will be like? Somewhere in between these two? Not sure I can handle another child as intense as Tori. She makes me proud but she is also exhausting!

As for me? I have a degree in accounting but never worked as an accountant for a single day. I have a small home business building furniture--both people sized and doll sized. I'm obsessed with Disney World. We have a tradition of taking our kids on 5th birthdays (the signature pics are each of those trips). We hope to also do 10th birthday trips but I'm pretty pumped about having another 5th birthday trip to plan! It's the only thing about this pregnancy I'm really pumped about so far!

first appointment:
Met my new OB and did all the first visit stuff. No ultrasound. Doctor has my due date at 7-7, but I believe it is 7-3. I tend to go early so I fully expect a June baby.

Upcoming appointments:
1-11 and 2-15, which is the big ultrasound at 18-ish weeks.

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I'm 35 and this will be baby number 2, just celebrated our 8th anniversary to my DH on November 6. My first precious baby is lil miss Alexandria Raye born October 31, 2011. Baby number 2 due date is June 23, 2013:) Got my first BFP Nov 2 and was in shocked. It took over 10 years to have Alex, many years of fertility and doctor visit. So after celebrating her 1 year birthday and getting a BFP a week later was amazing.

BFP Nov 2....6 weeks 5 days
First appointment November 9, 2012. 7 weeks 5 days heart beat was 147
Next appointment November 14, first prenatal appointment with nurse.
November 28 Dr. Appointment...10 weeks 3 days...heard baby heart beating 160bpms
December 13...12 week appointment and U/S
January 21 Gender U/S.......IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
February 18 next u/s...still a boy HB 150 baby weight 1 pound
March 20 next appointment Glucose test.

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Hello! It's my space!

I can't believe I am here.......

I'm Sandra (27) married to Chris (30) for 7.5 years. We dated for 2.5 months, got engaged, and got married 5 months later on June 10, 2005 (2 days before my 20th birthday).

We have 3 beautiful kids!

Ella Marie 07/17/07

Eli Jeremy 02/09/09

Emerson Blake 11/26/11

I can't really say that this pregnancy was 'unplanned' but it was certainly unexpected. I was breastfeeding my youngest, Emerson until he was 9.5 months old (mid September 2012). After I finished breastfeeding, I never had a PP AF - but I wasn't too concerned, because after I finished BF my DD in 2008, it took over 50 days for AF to return. I was not on any sort of BC after having Emerson, and we were not doing anything to prevent - which is why I can't say it was an accident!
By the beginning of October, I was starting to get a little bit chubby in my belly. DH kept saying "What if you are pregnant?" but I dismissed it completely. I thought that since I had stopped BF, but I was eating really unhealthily, I was just gaining a bit of weight. Finally by mid-October, I was starting to be nervous myself. I was pretty chubby in the belly and DH kept nagging me to test.
On October 22, 2012 I bought a pack of 2 pregnancy tests. I took the first one....BFP. I was freaking out. I thought maybe I had not followed the instructions properly :rolleyes: Did I put it in my urine stream too long? (LOL, I was in total denial). I took the other test 10 minutes later....BFP. OK, holy crap! I showed DH the tests and told him they were positive. We had a good chuckle (Holy smokes. What did we do? I can't believe this. When the heck are we due?)

I was still in a bit of denial. The tests that day were a blue dye and I knew that blue dyes were notorious for giving false results! The next day I went out and bought a pink dye test just to help wrap my brain around what was happening.

It was a FREAKING DARK BFP! OK, no more denial. This was HAPPENING. But I had no idea how far along I was. 4 weeks? 7 weeks? 10 weeks? Due in May? June? July?

I knew I was going to go insane until I got some answers. The big problem was - we had just moved to a new city 6 months earlier and I didn't even have a doctor. The next little while went something like this:

1. Search for doctors in my area online
2. Visit ratemyMD.com to make sure I don't pick a really bad one.
3. Pick a Dr. and make my first appt.
4. Go to my first appt ("meet the dr") and tell him I NEED to find out info on this pregnancy ASAP!
5. Dr. sends me for blood work at the lab to confirm the pregnancy (because home pregnancy tests are just never good enough Smile )
6. Wait for 2 painstaking weeks for Dr. to call me back with my results. He never calls.
7. Finally I call his office and they were never planning on calling me because the dr. never told them to (FREAK OUT! HORMONAL MELTDOWN!)
8. Book my own appt to see the Dr. to get my results
9. Dr's appt - YAY! Officially pregnant. Gives me a requisition for an early pregnancy U/S.
10. Call the U/S clinic the minute I am walking out the Dr's door. Book my appt for the very next day!

November 16th - Ultrasound!!!!
Baby is healthy and growing! Heart beat 175 bpm. Measuring at 11 weeks 6 days with an EDD of June 1st!!!!

This part blew me away even more. What, I just skipped the first trimester? BAH HA HA HA! This means that I was over 8 weeks when I got my BFP, and I actually got pregnant (conception around the 10th or 11th of September) before I was even done nursing. CRAZY! Well, just crazy to me.


December 12, 2012 - OB - 15 weeks. Weighed in at 135 lbs, heard baby's heartbeat (171 bpm)
January 11, 2013 - Ultrasound - It's a BOY!
January 15, 2013 - OB - 20 weeks. Weight 136 lbs, baby's HR 160 bpm
February 12, 2013 - OB - 24 weeks. Weight 143 lbs, baby's HR 150 bpm
March 12, 2013 - OB - 28 weeks. Weight 148 lbs. Now on 2 week appointments!
March 26, 2013 - OB - 30 weeks. Weight unchanged, still 148 lbs. Baby's HR 157 bpm, fundal height right on at 30.

Belly Pics:

14 weeks

23 weeks