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June hopeful

Hello everyone, my name is Breanne and my fingers are crossed to stay here in June. I have a 4 1/2 year old and a 14 month old, both girls. My girls are almost 3 1/2 years apart which actually worked out great but was never my plan. I would like a closer spacing this time, God willing. I am 7dpo - this next week is going to crawl by :(. There have been so many BFPs on this board, I am hoping it will include me too!

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Good luck!!!
Hope you get to stay here!!

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Good luck to you! We have several girls on here that are either having or hoping to have their third, so you are in good company!

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good luck breanne!!! wishing you a BFP

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Welcome and good luck!

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Hi and welcome! Good luck for a June bubba!

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Welcome and good luck to you. Smile

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Welcome! I hope this is your lucky cycle!!!! Smile

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Hi Breanne, hope this is your lucky month. When are you expecting AF or when will you be testing? :goodluck:

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Thanks for all the well wishes! I am 7dpo today. I am thinking I will test next Wednesday at 13dpo. I have always had a 14 day lp but last cycle it was only 9 days. So I figure if I have not had any spotting by then, things will look promising.

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Hello and good luck!!!

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Welcome and good luck to you!

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Welcome and good luck to you this cycle!! Biggrin