Karen Sandra and heather

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Karen Sandra and heather

Karen and Sandra good luck at your appointments tomorrow. Heather I hope u see what u want to tomorrow in your anatomy scan and don't see what u don't want to. Wink (the goods)

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Good luck to all!

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GL girls :vibes: Hope you all have great appointments!

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Eeeeekkkk....Ultrasound eve and I'm getting nervous. I've heard a few people get bad news at their anatomy scan lately so that's fresh in my mind. I hope baby's ok. I saw all his/her limbs last scan so we know he/she has arms and legs. That's good, right? Blum 3

We are hoping to stay team green so I hope we see no junk or hamburgers tomorrow. Blum 3

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my appt got cancelled to wednesday my midwife has the darn flu, so i'll be seeing another midwife tomorrow

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Good luck girls! Karen, sorry yours was delayed!

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I have to bring 2 kids to my appt today instead of just one.......should be fun Wink

Mine is in less than an hour.