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Thread: Kids sharing rooms...

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    Default Kids sharing rooms...

    A thread on the May board got me do you move new baby in to share a room with a toddler? Our house is full, DD has a room and DSD has a room. Baby and DD will need to share a room at SOME when do we do that? How does that all work? It seems like a major nightmare to me!

    DD will be almost 3.5 years old by the time baby is born. I'm thankful that she is used to sleeping with others in the room at daycare...but at the same time, I'm so worried baby will wake her up all the time!

    When DD was an infant she moved to her own room/crib at 5.5 weeks. I'm not sure that's so do-able with someone else in the room now.

    I'd LOVE any advice or stories about what worked/didn't work for you!
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    DD and DS2 room together right now, when the baby arrives he/she will room with us for the best part of 9mo-1yr before we move him/her. And it will depend if it's a girl or boy but DS1 is getting a bedroom in the soon to be finished basement and DS2 will probably move into his old room and DD will room with the baby for a while. Musical Rooms yay!
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    Mine will have to share at some point, but baby will be in our room for a while ... Hoping toddler is out of our room by then.

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    DS still sleeps in our room most nights. DH goes to work at midnight and I hate sleeping by myself. We are going to try to get DS to sleep in his room more often, because he is a flopper (flop this way, flop that way) I have woken up with bruises because of him.

    But if we are honest, we will all probably end up sleeping in my bed together until DS decides he is too old, and hopefully by then we will have a three or four bedroom that can accommodate us all.

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    You just do what works, and you will figure it out as you need to. I always just move the next one in with the others a couple months before the next baby comes. So, we pretty much always have a baby in our room until 2 months before a fresh one arrives. Honestly, it's never really been a huge issue. Things are a little different for a few nights, sometimes you need to "tweak" something in the routine after a couple nights, but after about a week or so, things should be smooth sailing.
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    My two started sharing a room when they were 2 and 4. They had their own rooms but loved being together. The new one will be in our room for a long time (6-9 months) and then in a crib in the guest/play room(formerly my son's room) until about 18 months which is when we switch to a toddler bed. At that point this one can move in with the other two.

    My kids are terrible sleepers. They still don't sleep through the night at 7 and 5. A baby that still wakes up a lot can't be with them, they'd never sleep!

    In the end you really just have to figure out what works as you go along.

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    We are still bedsharing and will probably be doing so with both kids for awhile. But after that I think we are going to do bunk beds

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    I was curious about this too as far as how long the baby will sleep in the room with DH & I. When DS was born till 7 months, we lived in a studio apartment so he was 1/2 a foot from me in his crib from day one.

    If it's a boy, I might consider letting them share a room. I think that is nice.

    I'll definitely have him in the bedroom for at least 4-5 months I think. I guess it just depends.
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    We have space for all three to have their own rooms but it'll require my DD to move down to the basement which I'm not sure she'll be ready for. So her and DS may share for a while.

    My kids current rooms are right next to each other and we put DS in his own room about a week after bringing him home (I cant sleep with a kid in my room, just can't!). She got used to sleeping through his crying even though she was only two and seriously he's only woken her up a few times. He started STTN early though so usually it was her waking him up because she's just a bad sleeper. She went through a night terror phase for a few months and would wake him up so I'd have a screaming toddler and a screaming baby to deal with. Such fun times Anyway, I think kids adjust pretty easily so just do what you need to do and they'll be fine!
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    Right now the two girls are sharing a room. They are 1 and 8. The baby stayed in our room until she was about a year. We just put the crib in our room. We just transitioned the little one to a toddler bed in the girls room and so far so good. It will be interesting to see what we come up with if this one is another girl. I think we'd probably move all three of them to the bonus room. Only time will tell
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