Kind of annoying appointment

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Kind of annoying appointment

So I had my appointment today with the midwife. Haven't had one since 17 weeks. But I'm annoyed because I didn't actually get to see my midwife. It's an hour of driving and there's really not much to do at the appointment, so I at least want to spend some time with her and get to know the person who will deliver my baby. I don't really care to sit there with the student who will not be there, and is just going through her checklist of things she "needs" to tell me. Like going through a list of food categories to make sure I eat them all. Or tell me that the GD test involves drinking a sugary drink and waiting an hour when I already told her I don't want to do it. Maybe I was spoiled with DD since my doc saw me every time and would talk to me about interesting things. I think I will call next time before my appointment to make sure that I will actually see her, otherwise I'll just wait longer again between appointments since it sort of felt like a waste of time!

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UGH! TOTALLY annoying! We had a student midwife when DD was born but she was in ADDITION to our real midwife. We never saw her alone. I would have been so frustrated with that too. People have midwives for a reason, so get that bond with them...not just so they can see someone else at every appt! Could it have been that the midwife was at a birth?

I agree, next time I'd call ahead and ensure you will see your actual midwife. Perhaps let her know how important it is for you to get to know HER as a person. She's probably be flattered.

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I agree it's important to know and trust the person delivering your child. I'm sorry that un did not get to see her.

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She was there, I said hi to her - she just had another appointment as well. They told me she was running behind, so I wonder if they just decided to let me see the student alone since there wasn't much to do anyway.

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I'm sorry, what a let down! My OB is actually really good about seeing me every time unless he is out delivering which has only happened twice in all 3 pregnancies so far. BUT those times I've had to see the NP I was bummed. Hopefully she'll take more priority with you next time!

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I've been really lucky and never had to see anyone else. That would make me mad! I did have a student watch my Pap smear which was less than thrilling. :/

but I also drive about 35 minutes each way to my appointments and get really annoyed when they don't really do anything. I've done my best to stretch my appointments out so I rarely have one that isn't a "special" one where something actually happens.

Sorry for the let down. I hope the next one is better!

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yea that would annoy me, the money you pay for health insurance you should be able to see your dr especially if you want to have a relationship with them