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    Default Ladies with BFPs.....How Soon.....

    did you start noticing symptoms (if any?) I thought I had tons of symptoms last cycle, but apparently I just had the stomach bug again...Now I feel like Im becoming a "hypochondriac" with the "it could be..." and need confirmation that Its too soon to notice anything!

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    I had no symptoms. I normally don't have much pms or pg symptoms though. I did feel some weird cramp type feelings yesterday and some twinges...which got me to wonder...
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    I actually have had LESS symptoms on my BFP cycles than my regular ones. Sorry I know that's really not helpful. The one thing I have had all three pregnancies is a sore throat from about 8 DPO. So weird. Then it goes away after a few days. And about the same time, I was getting mild headaches from exercising. Like Heather said, I had some "twinges" too but having endo I get random cramps all the time so I couldn't depend on that. Crossing fingers for you!
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    My boobs immediately started swelling and getting sore. I also sleep hot when I am pregnant. The night before I tested I woke up pouring sweat. And my mood has also not been the greatest the past week...

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    My boobs also started swelling and getting sore before my BFP and I had mild cramps and twinges. I would say they started around 12-13dpo. But in my last pregnancy I didn't really start getting symptoms like headaches or m/s until I was about 6 weeks.

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