Learning curve

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Learning curve

So my major learning curves have been using a suplimemtal nursing system because she needs more calories till my milk is fully in, and caring for a newborn in a splint and everything that goes with her diagnosis.

This is something u will want to research only if you don't have a weak stomach , if u do I suggest not finding pictures.

Emalyn was seen within 24 hours by a Children's Orthopedic Surgeon. She was diagnosed with Congenital Knee Dislocation. He was able to put the knee back in socket without her even crying or in any pain and set it with what he could find around the nursery to splint it. She goes in on Wednesday for a new cast or plastic splint and will get a new one every week until it is set. He can only go so far with the ligaments without tearing them or breaking the bones. At about 4 months she will be evaluated by ultrasound and xray to make sure her hip has stayed in place and healthy through the castings, he will also see if her knee is in need of surgery. She wont be strong enough for surgery until 4 or 5 months. She is otherwise a perfectly healthy baby and the prettiest hes ever seen.

I have a picture of before the splint I will pm if u really want to see it.

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*hugs* I know how hard this has been for you. I hope you can take comfort in the fact that she is getting great care. I'm feeling so confident that she'll make a full recovery! She's a little fighter!

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After everything this little girl has fought through, I have no doubt this will be just another little bump in her road that she will easily tackle! This is the baby who we thought we would meet at 24 weeks who made it one day shy of full term! She's got this! Smile

I know this is all hard on you and I hope you have lots of help and support right now. And of course, you always have us to listen on rough days. Hang in there!

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She is absolutely beautiful. T&P that all is well.

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She really is beautiful!!


I hope she doesn't have to have the surgery, but it sounds like she is in excellent care. Glad to hear you are home and otherwise doing well. Wink

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She is so precious!! I'm sorry to hear about her diagnosis Sad I pray it is corrected with the splint and she doesn't need the surgery. ((bighugs)) for you dealing with all this and pp being such an emotional roller coaster without any extra stuff!

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Beautiful little girl! Thoughts and prayers to her for a speedy easy recovery. And also to you mama!

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She is absolutely beautiful! I'm so sorry that you are all having to go through this, but it sounds like she is getting excellent care!!

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What a big learning curve, you are right. I am so sorry you have to deal with this, especially after what a rough few months you have had. Prayers for her treatment and your whole family!

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Poor baby girl! Glad he was able to get it set without discomfort for her though, that's great! Thinking good thoughts for her that she won't need surgery down the road :vibes: GL getting the feedings figured out *hugs*

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What a beautiful little girl!!!! Congratulations on your sweet baby! I echo what so many have said -- I know that this is horribly difficult to see her endure but I know you are rejoicing on how very wonderful she is doing! While I know this part of your journey will be dragging, the months will pass all too quickly and soon may this all be a distant memory!

Sending you positive thoughts and prayers!


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i agree she is beautiful.. hopefully she wont need surgery and everything will go into place..