leg cramps

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leg cramps

severe leg cramps from heck today. anyone else? It is probably adding to my irritated mood. the principal and another teacher both asked if I was ok today. Iguess I looked htat bad? I had a cramp in one leg starting this morning so I had dh rub my leg to get it to subside. it worked. then I rolled over to turn my alarm off and it was instant severe cramps in the OTHER leg. my legs have both been sore since. anyone else having this issue?

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Thank goodness no! Had them pretty bad with DD, but none so far. I am hoping to skip that unpleasantness. The only advice I can give is to stretch, otherwise that is all I got!

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Ugh, sorry you are having those...I know how bad it hurts. I'm only having mild leg cramps so far. I had the really bad ones that jolt you out of a deep sleep with DS1. They always left my leg sore too.

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I have been getting them when I wake up for the past few days. I have been eating bananas (YUCK) but it's not working.

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Ya, isn't that a potassium thing? Eat more bananas maybe?

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Not this pregnancy but with Tori they were horrifying. I remember when they were over I would be sore for days, like I had a tough workout! Yuck. I hope they let up for you!

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I wake myself up probably every other night with charlie horses in my calves. I got the worst yet 2 nights ago and my leg is still sore. Hate this part.

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I know they say eat more bananas but I cant sTAND them (aka will be sick if I do) but I have been eating kiwi which is supposed to have 2x the potassium as a banana.... not helping. I woke up with them AGAIN this morning though it was jsut the start of a cramp rather than a full blown one. I mostly sat yesteday at work...looks like its goign to be another day like that!

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i just get sore and achy all over, and im in bed all day. no cramps yet thank goodness, when i was teaching dance and on point i got them horribly to the point where my mom had to come in my room and help me. I ended up having to sleep in my boots so i wouldn't point my toes in my sleep or they would come right back. i remember how horrible that was, i hope they let up for you soon.