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    Quote Originally Posted by Heatherbella View Post
    Our house is three's brutal. When I was pg with DD hubby would always carry the laundry up and down for me. I hope he starts doing that again soon. I'm lazy. :P

    Edit: Of course bedrooms are on the top floor and laundry is in the basement.
    Good point - if you can have DH carry it down in the morning and carry it up at night that would work even better!

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    The lifting heavy is only for what you're not used to. I remember my doctor from my last pgn saying something in the MAX 45 pound range. But that's what I would lift for a plate to help a client. It was ridiculous since it's not a heavy weight for me.

    I've been getting m/s the past few days, and very tired, so I haven't gone to the gym... but monday I lifted 121lbs over my head - and it felt GREAT! The only thing I took off the table was a one rep max dead lift.

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    My doctor said 25 pounds was the limit. But sometimes you can't help but lift things you are not supposed to!

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    thanks for the input everyone. I think i will ask for help if not do the half a basket thing for laundry. I will leave heavy things at the bottom of the stairs so dh cant get through so he has to take them up lol. im just glad my washer dryer is on the middle floor. The house is almost ready so i will just get r' done.
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