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It's my birthday and I think something's up. Hubby hasn't mentioned anything happening (it's almost 5pm here) and is in the kitchen 'making dinner'. It sounds like he's just opening doors and clanging around. I have a feeling something is up. Oh, now he's cleaning out the fridge to pretend...

The midwife today made it sound like he did have something planned...not sure why she gave me a hint. LOL.

So far today has been boring and nothing birthday has happened. He knows I HATE that. Last year he announced that he had nothing planned so not to get my hopes up. That made me very sad.

So I'm guessing someone is coming here soon. Friends to take me out or my mom to watch DD.

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Today is my husband's birthday too. It is so hard to celebrate his bday after Christmas so last year his mom and I officially moved his bday to June. Then we can have a cookout, and invite a bunch of people over.

Not much happened here today, but I will take him out to dinner on Saturday. I hope that something exciting happens for you!

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When I was a kid we always had my friend birthday party in the summer and called it my 'un birthday'. We don't do that anymore though. We don't have a huge family so by today not much is going on. We were supposed to work today but DD's daycare is closed so I didn't work. Hubby did some work though. Smile

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I think a summer "unbirthday" is a great idea for bdays near Christmas. Hope he really surprises you with something great!!


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Happy birthday!!!

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Happy birthday!!

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Happy Birthday!! :party:

My DH's birthday is tomorrow. I wanted us to get a sitter and go to dinner but the sitter was unavailable. I was kinda last minute asking...oops! My birthday was Dec 8th and DH didn't do anything either.

Hope your DH has something planned. Smile

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Hope you are having a good evening.

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YAY!!! I went out for Greek dinner with 4 girl friends, then came back here to have a little party with a few additional friends. It was really nice. K was SO excited for my party. She was really good but stayed up TWO HOURS past her bed time. 10pm. Oh man, tomorrow might suck. LOL.

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im glad you had a fun birthday. Happy Belated Birthday!

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Happy Belated Birthday and glad it turned out into a great one Smile

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How fun!

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Hopefully she'll just take a long nap today to make up for it. Sounds like a fun night Smile

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She only slept in 15 minutes today. Eeeeek! She seems happy enough so we'll see!