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some mucous plug! Yahoo

I know it could be nothing and go on for days still, but I've never actually noticed losing any of my plug in any of my pregnancies! Smile

My appt tomorrow is at 10 am. Hopefully there is good news.

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YES! Something is happening!!!! Wooo hooo!

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Yay for snot!

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Woohoo!!! Good luck tomorrow! Fingers crossed!

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Yay! I lost a bunch of mine with DS1 the night before my induction and I went in a little more dilated. Good luck at your appt tomorrow!

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Yay!!! I can't wait to hear about tomorrow!

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Exciting! Hopefully that means things are happening!

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I can't wait to hear about your progress after today's check-up. Mucous plug has got to be a good sign! Smile

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That's awesome!! Smile

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Yay! I was a mess the day my water broke, good sign I think!

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Woo hoo can't wait to hear about your appt