low baby?

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low baby?

SO Baby has felt VERY low. I have had tons of pressure and feel like Im swollen down there. its' been hard to explain, however the other teacher that is at work and preggo (well ONE of the others) has had the same issues and had a wonderful description. She said it feels like she has a pair of balls. That is exactly how it feels! So much pressure and feeling of being swollen that is feels like theres somehign hanging! she asked the dr about it and he said that yes baby is low. She then asked about in that case what happens when s/he drops. The dr's response was catch it? I know my baby is low because the only movement I am feeling is WAY low. like at the bottom of my belly (where it curves back in and isn't really belly) Has anyone had a baby this low? Really hoping Baby moves up higher and I know eventually will but Im worried (yes Heather I know, I worry too much) about what will happen as baby gets bigger. How safe is this?

on another note. Apparently first grade is the grade to be in... The one teacher and I are 3 days apart. And then earlier this week when we were all having melt downs about the immense paperload we are being given now, (it was massive to begin with--and now ridiculous doesnt describe it) one of the OTHERS yells out about stress and by the way she's preg too and due in August! that leaves one other teacher in first NOT preg. we told her to watch out! (though she's beyond the age of being preg)

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HA HA HA HA! YES! You worry too much! Blum 3

If your doctor isn't concern then perhaps you shouldn't be? That said, I'd be interested to hear what others say.

One thing I'm wondering about is those belly support belts I see around. Are those for something like this? I don't even know! LOL.

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Mine is just barely sitting above my pubic bone still from what I can tell. The nurse made it sound completely normal.

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Ouch. Tats how I felt from 29 weeks with dd. I had labor pains and leaking amniotic fluid too! Good thing I ended up having a double bad of waters. The belly band did help when I was up and about ( which wasn't often) with u on your feet all day I'd try it! Hope something helps

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Oy that sounds uncomfortable! One of my best friends described this exactly and she carried her baby lower than I'd ever seen someone carry before, her belly was practically pointing down. Anyway, but I don't see any reason why baby couldn't move up to a higher spot?? I'd ask your doc about it at your next appt, maybe there's something you can do to encourage baby to get in a better position. *hugs*

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LOL!!! Oh Patience, yes, you worry too much. ALL of my babies after the first have been very low! You know what will likely happen. You will have more pressure and toward the end it may cause you to dilate a few centimeters before labor starts... thus leading to an easier labor!!! With my current little girl I am only feeling kicks way down in my pelvis. I can't even say it's up in the "belly area" yet because it's that low. At my ultrasound on Monday the head was as low as it could be. No big deal!!

With my 3rd dd I was 4 centimeters dilated for several weeks, and then at my 39 week check, I was 7 cm dilated, 100% effaced, and plus 1 station... and labor hadn't even started yet!! Well, labor started 1 hour later and 4 hours after that, I had my beautiful baby girl. Smile

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I still only feel baby very low, no high kicks. I think my belly is high so it doesnt make very much sense, but baby it's the position of the baby.

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I understand the pressure. Especially when I pick up DD who is 2. It feels like everything is going to fall out...

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I don't have that much pressure, but that is exactly where this little guy is!! I think he sits and jumps right on my bladder, too. I can feel him almost directly on or a tiny bit above my c-section scar. But last night I actually felt him really high, AND down that low, so he must have been stretching out pretty good!

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I feel very heavy myself this time around, im more describing it as im holding a 50lb bowling ball in my belly. I think a belly band would probably feel better in my case. 2 more weeks for me and i get an ultrasound and we shall see if the baby is low or not. Havent really felt any kicks. maybe some gas bubbles but nothing i can say that is def the baby

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I always find the hb very low.